The colorful abyss.

April 20, 2013 § 13 Comments

She enters the crowded room. You
see her lean body covered under
layers of clothes. Clumsily, she
makes some disruption in the otherwise
pre-occupied room. She finds the
closest seat to become a part of
the incognito within the space of
the surrounding room.

You see her frantic eye
scanning the faces around her. Her
eyes meet yours. Unspoken thoughts
make a chapter of a few unrequited
words as the sparks fly.

You offer her an embrace that peels
through every layer of bulky textile
to the delicate small of her quivering
back. It sends a shiver down your spine.

She looks deep into your eyes and
you wish you were the
kohl in her eyes. You crave to touch
her hair and run your bare palms
over silken skin.

You’re lost in your own brazen thoughts
when he walks into the room and
kisses her on the mouth. You notice she’s kissing him back
with her entire body. You sigh.

They walk out of the room together, his
arm around her waist. She drops a
note near your chair.

“You’ve drowned. In the colorful abyss.”, it read.

P.S. This post has been written for Ashwini. You, inspire me, mate. Thank you. 🙂

Guest Post : Lava.

February 21, 2013 § 6 Comments

Rape Me.

It was the night we both longed for,

the night we both dreamed about every night,

the night we fancied to face another facet of us.

We were together, yet again

in the comfort of each other’s arms,

wanting to break the baked ice between us.

Our lips were sealed, but not to each other’s

…until now.

Our eyes were ravenous, thawed by lust

…a gentle gnaw.

We knew what was about to come,

we knew what was to be done.

Yet, we both conversed.

Silence, our mediator.

Our eyes talked words though,

words only we both could understand.

Words we were thoroughly acquainted with.

A gentle breeze slithered between our bodies,

but couldn’t find a way to pass through.

The cord of tension broke when

the stereo hit “Rape me.”

And we both obeyed.

~Lavanya Arora.

About Lava:

Okay so he is this cool guy I know from twitter. Instant connection, no-nonsense. Except that we plan to smoke joints together, someday! He is a master of words, and quite honest. Makes him a gem, now, doesn’t it?

You must read and follow his blog here. Also, let’s all make him write more. Show some love, fellow bloggers! 🙂


January 7, 2013 § 14 Comments

Layer by layer
i reveal my self
to you, to your
curious heart.

Layer by layer
i go deeper into
your soul and
undress my emotions.

Layer by layer
i open my heart
and let you enter
all of me.


December 3, 2012 § 31 Comments

i don’t want to write.


i don’t understand the point of writing.

i think it is meant to fuck with you.

to crush you, to beat you down.


writing isn’t for the logical. they know.

it’s for the irrational and contradicted.

it’s for the ones who mentally masturbate.


writing is a fallacy and i am a part of it.


no one wins, but the reader.

the writer, loses.

his sanity. his emotions. his words. his deepest desires.


we intentionally crush ever cell of our fucking brain.

so that we can squeeze out something worthy.


we try conveying our feelings with words.

you can’t do that.

words corrupt.


you’re fighting with reality.

reality has a gun.

boom boom!


November 24, 2012 § 22 Comments

The worldly pleasures.
The spiritual bliss.
The joy of recognition.
The fear of losing love.
The unconditional love.
The big ego.
The early morning kiss.
The passion filled night.
The growing proximity.
The never ending distance.

Nothing compares to you
and me thinking of the
same thing at the same

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