On Puberty.

April 23, 2013 § 22 Comments

Immanuel Kant believed that we humans, because we are so emotionally complex, go through two puberties in life. The first puberty is when our bodies become mature enough for sex; the second puberty is when our minds become mature enough for sex. The two events can be separated by many, many years. Perhaps our emotional maturity comes to us only through the experiences and lessons of our youthful romantic failures. Maybe we all need to go through the anguish and errors of a first puberty, before we can ascend into the second one.

~commitment, elizabeth gilbert.

On Platonic Love.

January 11, 2013 § 14 Comments

Your ideal Platonic should be a member of the opposite sex who you would never dream of liking. Liking someone just ruins everything. No, you want it to be a crush-free zone. He should be someone you can talk to about pretty much everything- girl stuff as well as boy stuff- and will never judge you. You should basically be able to fart in front of your Platonic and not be embarrassed about it, because he’s a boy.

You and your Platonic should have an intellectual friendship  different from the one you share with your girlfriends. With your girlfriends, you can talk about feelings and all that mushy stuff, but your Platonic conversations will be about things like movies and TV shows and art. There should be BANTER between you and your Platonic, banter that no one else gets.

The perfect Platonic relationship would be where one or the other was perhaps gay. In that way, your Platonic would be much like a female friend, because you could talk about guys together (or girls together if you were lesbian), but you’d each still be bringing that opposite-sex chemistry into the equation. But with no chance of it getting complicated by like crushes and stuff.


~From the book “The Life and Times of Layla the Ordinary”, by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan.


P.S. She is the coolest Indian author I know. I kinda worship her. She’s written two other books, “You are Here” (My Personal Bible) and “Cold Feet”. Do buy her books. They’re available everywhere, online!

On marriage.

July 18, 2012 § 22 Comments

It is astonishing that, under the circumstances, marriage is still
legally allowed. If nearly half of anything else ended so
disastrously, the government would surely ban it immediately.
If half the tacos served in restaurants caused dysentery, if half the
people learning karate broke their palms, if only six percent of
people who went on roller coaster rides damaged their middle ears, the
public would be clamoring for action. Yet the most intimate of
disasters..happens over and over again.

~Lionel Tiger.

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