March 12, 2013 § 10 Comments

The worst feeling must be
when you choke on what you have
been trying to preserve: illusions.



February 28, 2013 § 7 Comments

The bird can fly free
on his wings, but without a nest
where will he return to?


Guest Post : Ladywhispers.

February 27, 2013 § 1 Comment


Confession are scattered
As I probe more within
deciphering detest within
That mingles heaven and hell.

I rise from the inferno

Chained in tarnished spirits
Which recite an obscure tale
Hidden in impatient scares.Ponder over some broken pieces

Invalid seemed the judgement
That wrote the crackled fate
Heaved I still, for breaths taken.Cheated, ripped and stained

Revenge, some uttered, to me
I wondered if this will solve
For soul was bruised deep within.Naked truths ask my heart often

Why believed, when I spoke
I let out a shriek of pain
For moments precious I risked.Remember that face that mentored

Musings I sang with those eyes
Lips that move not, silence spoke
In darkness, sounds just whispered.Envisaged I never, the hold you had

You often lost in my tones, smiled
I was losing something very deep
Gaining a mate, possessor of soul.Some deadly sins were predicted

When you left to lands unknown
Still I became, like frozen moulds
Breaths and beats within, paused.Masks unveiled, false fittings

I still walk through the line
Where I often peek a sight
Of something never to find.
About the Lady:
She is a wonderful blogger and an even better human being. You can abandon my blog if you don’t fall in love with her. Undermines herself, and is very humble. Do read and follow her. Here.


November 13, 2012 § 34 Comments

The fire that i start
is the one i let kill me.
I inhale its toxicity
because its mine and
mine alone.

It consummates me
and burns me organ by
organ. You, stand right
there watchin’ me,
muted. Afraid to speak
or weak hearted.
I will never know.

You know where my heart
burns, and i know where
your thoughts are

That should be enough.


November 7, 2012 § 17 Comments

I tried to stitch myself into
it, but nothing held.
I am okay. It’s just that before
felt like a million rainbows,
superimposed over each other.
And i linger, as if still waiting
for them to magically reappear.

It was this hour, just as early
darkness fell, that you would come
to me. With your clarity, and your
carefree-ness. Stepping into the
wall i’d built. Slowly. And steadily.

I am okay. It’s just that i have been
impatient. Very much. I thought
i knew everything you didn’t tell,
and understood everything you did.
And i believed things will be fine,
with time. Silly, silly girl.

What is can be as elusive as
what is not. Both beguile, and
neither stays. Or sticks. I am lost
in this transition.
From what we were, to what we
are, to what we will be.

It is winter here.
And unquiet.

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