August 30, 2013 § 3 Comments

She feels hollow and empty

at places she didn’t know

existed inside of her.

The wound on her soul

is itchy and won’t let her be.

Her mind is full of questions

he would never answer.

Doubts, that appear out of

nowhere like the clouds

she saw lying down under

the naked skies with him.

Moonless nights haunt

her reality as she misses him.

She knows that she’s lost

an irreplaceable part of

her self to him.

Dear Death.

June 12, 2013 § 12 Comments

Dear D,


I’d like to tell you that I won’t run when you come, like most people do. I will not flee, I will not hide.

This is not a proud boast.

I am not challenging you. This is not a threat.

This is just a promise. When we are face to face, I will look you in the eye.

I will not succumb to fear, doubt, regret or guilt. I have none.

I’ve been on the path seeking you for years now. I am waiting for you to step out of the shadow and pursue me. Yes, I have been waiting.

Not because I have seen all I wanted to see; felt all I wanted to feel; or loved all the ones I wanted to love. But because I have known you are going to drag me away, since I was five years old.

I know you wait until some are breaking down and are quite old, before you go down on them. I won’t be either. Make your move. I am still strong in muscle and mind.

I don’t doubt your victory over me. I am sure rather. But if you come now, you will take a warrior spirit along.

See you around.




March 5, 2013 § 15 Comments

I like the coffee stain on my white shirt

The midnight nonsensical conversations

The music on shuffle

The orchids by the bed

Raindrops on my window pane

Buttons on the ground with no thread in sight.


They make me comfortable.


They are all reminders of

absent memories in a world

passing by.


Of a recognizable world

that remains strange to me.

Of a recognizable world

that I am a stranger in.

Guest Post : Rameet Kaur.

March 1, 2013 § 2 Comments

You Know What!

Many a times we pick up
Those shattered pieces of our heart
Smile to ourselves and move on.

Hold those tears from flowing
Not letting their flow to weaken us
Not letting those loved ones to know
Who would be disheartened to see those drops coming out
For their sake we smile.

But at times we can’t help it
We look back at that time flown by
And question why couldn’t it be simple
Doubt ourselves only for letting our heart torn like that
And we smile at our own foolishness.

We live in past, we live in dreams of future
knowing it’s not right, we choose to ignore present
Present, which can let us smile at our past, at our pains too
The only way out seems to be to let go
And smile, for only smile would let us sail through!


About Rameet:

So this lady was my boss at one of the internships I did. 2009 that was. And she has been one of the sweetest persons I’ve come across. I remember she always covered up for me, and still does when my mother is around us. Really chilled out and crazy-shit-mad!

She doesn’t write much and has written this one for my blog. See, she’s a sweetheart?

Boss, you’re loved! Just so you know. 🙂

Keep that smile. Always. Suits you a lot!



January 25, 2013 § 61 Comments

there’s a reason why i don’t read so many blogs anymore.

no really, i’d like to.

but there’s nothing out there for me.


there is an inherent lack of emotion.

no feeling. no love.


it’s usually some cribby stuff about some stuff that some people care about.

i don’t care about politics or your favourite song.

i care about yourself.


tell me about you. what’s on your mind?

you don’t need to write about topics. fuck em. you, are everything.


sit down and tell me about your thoughts. not your fucking day.

everyone lives the same day, yours isn’t any more significant than mine.

what’s special is your interpretation.


maybe you don’t feel as happy as you normally do? is it?

that’s what i care about.


create the illusion of love and i’d read you.

that’s what real writing is. how you make me feel.


make me feel special.

you can only do that by being personal and offering me something that i don’t have.

not knowledge or insight, i have a brain.


your experience. i want it.

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