April 29, 2013 § 23 Comments

When the roof in a room leaks
somewhere a poem is written
out of longing, despair or helplessness.

But there will be no rain tonight.
The moon spreads through her window
tonight and covers her in sin.

Beginnings and endings.

December 31, 2011 § 10 Comments

Beginnings can be kind:
the first raindrop, the sun rising,
first green shoot that signals

Endings can also be kind:
a lull in the rain, the orange sunset
skies, the scatter-art of
autumn leaves.

We make so much of our
beginnings and endings, clinging
to wakefulness, dreading our sleep,
blind to the beauty of cycles.

Rain gives way to sunshine, day
to night, spring to autumn.
We but, sit and observe.
Or get caught up in cycles
and lead the life we always loathed.


September 9, 2011 § 17 Comments

It’s one of ‘those’ nights.

When you’re lying in bed, thinking of nothing particular. Choosing from an assortment of thoughts instead.
When the slightest memory of something disturbing brings you to tears. You are THAT edgy.
When thoughts don’t have a pattern, yet they bring out the sadist in you.
When it’s raining outside, and you long to be held.
When the coldness of the room is in starking contrast with the warmth of the tears running down your cheeks.
When you think of Him, and wonder if He thinks of you too.
When your body is numb, and you can’t carry the weight of your own arms.
When your heart is pounding in your chest, and you’re short of breath.
When you can’t decide between the ruins of the past, and the decaying present.
When all you need is Him, or His manifestation.
When you can’t wait to take the leap, and you’re scared of the fall.

It’s one of ‘those’ nights.

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