Will you, too?

October 22, 2012 § 14 Comments

I don’t know what’s inside

your head when you tell me

it’s not going to get anywhere.

Is it boredom or insecurity

or aloofness?

Your tired, blank eyes speak

a lot more than you ever do

as we lie in the bed and listen

to Roger Waters singing

Comfortably Numb.

Yes, that’s what we both are:

Comfortably Numb.

I will wait till we

find out what is it.

Will you, too?



September 4, 2012 § 53 Comments

With what’s left of my face after
you are finished with it,
your sun has melted it,
your shocks have scoured it,
your breath has scarred it,
your challenges have chiselled it,
you have ravaged it with your unspeakable ways.

With whatever skin i have
whatever still works in my eyes
whatever screams i have left
whatever thoughts i can retain
i will finally speak your name.

When you can see all of me
when you can hear all of me
when all the sad things no longer divide me from you
i will finally, at last, in ecstasy
speak your name
your unspeakable name.





August 31, 2012 § 53 Comments

Climbing walls with me in tow
If i fall, will you let go?
Walk your tightrope- i will too
When i trip what’d you do?





August 20, 2012 § 35 Comments

Standing on the line that
divides my heart and my head
Numbed by doubt and anxiety
after nights of mind-fucking
Relieved to not feel the pain,
the cold
Longing to be released from
this utter sadness
Caught in a storm of thoughts
that lead me nowhere
Drowning in self-doubt
and confusion every night
And yet not drowning, so there
is scope to be inflicted again
The dreams become awful,
the shadows haunt me
I only feel myself sinking in
depths as i write this.





August 5, 2012 § 10 Comments

Everybody seems to be so certain of himself except me. Everybody seems to be so well-defined except me. I remain very undefined, I remain kind of ambiguous. I don’t know exactly where I am or what I am or what I am not. I don’t know how to define the self and the other. I don’t know where “I” and “thou” can be separated.

~Lao Tzu.

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