Guest Post : Pankaj Sharma.

May 2, 2014 § 1 Comment

I Volunteer to Die

Whenever you are on a long romantic drive

And see the Tricolour proudly flying high

See that somewhere far away, a soldier stands

Weary in deserts or in some distant foreign lands

Protecting the tricolour from any of the foe

Standing tall, proud whether it’s heavy rain or snow

He keeps wondering what he might have done

If he had not chosen to carry a gun

Even when he is overworked without a shade

Soldier is a patriot who is born and not made

Sometimes you might think he has a bad attitude

But maybe that is because of long periods of solitude

He faces bullets and embraces death many a time

So that his countrymen and women can peacefully dine

You may think for him this is just another task

He did not do it as a job but for his love for Tricolour was unsurpassed

He may lose a leg stepping on a landmine

To see those kids smiling across the borderline

For your freedom he always fights to keep

So that tranquil and in peace you can sleep

You may often condemn for him being wrong

But still for you he will always stand strong

While you have right to denounce him and complain

He will keep fighting for you in the pouring rain

Soldier is not a label for anyone to purchase or borrow to woo

It is the greatest honour to him, like soul for the body hidden inside you

A soldier is very tough indeed

To stand tall whenever there is a need

He also feels sadness, pain or sorrow

Not always looking forward for trials of tomorrow

The cost of a soldier may be very high

Your support and love for them you should never deny

With sadness hidden deep he holds his buddy’s hand

As they breathe their last on some mortal sand

He is not high headed what you may think

Will give his life for you with not even a blink

You may ask again

Besides a soldier there are others who take the pain?

Then what is the difference, why he thinks so high?

He will smile and humbly say….

Neither I hold the sky nor do I think so high

For you “I volunteer to die….”

About Pankaj:

Pankaj is one of the few people I’ve come to know from Twitter, whom i really respect. He is an amazing writer, a great father and a wonderful husband. Get to know him here! 🙂

Bruised Lips.

January 24, 2014 § 15 Comments

There was a strange calmness
i felt as i gazed into the
night sky, when you’d asked me
to. It killed all my demons
momentarily, as i you ran
your slender fingers through
my hair.
All thoughts of the world were
dumped into darkness
as you took me in your arms.
My insecurities and fears
vanished as you touched me
at places I’d long forgotten
existed inside of me.
A small portal of joy
opened up as you kissed
these parched lips and gave
me memories, with bruised lips.

Guest post: Brandon Grimes.

December 16, 2013 § 1 Comment

Move the Moon

We use to get along use to see each other, feed each other

now we trying to defeat each other


Use to envision you being my kids mother

it ain’t even the same when we greet each other


Can’t even look me in my eyes when we see each other

you got so much pride but you’ll soon discover


You messed up a good thing, u was my heart string

a new life with my new life is down the drain


I put u on a pedestal I never did with a girl,

I’d move the move the moon just to give you the world


About the Author:

Brandon Grimes is a free-lance writer and avid poetry fanatic. He writes short stories, poems, top 10 posts for various niche industries across the country.



December 2, 2013 § 6 Comments

When you touched my face with both your hands
When I caressed your hair with my fingers
When our bodies felt as one
And we looked at each other
In an all together different light.

That’s what has made our evenings memorable
The beauty of twilight
And how we became more than friends
We became lovers.

Their story.

November 19, 2013 § 8 Comments

October 1, 2009 was the day
A handsome boy came my way.

He smiled at me and I thought
There’s something this guy’s got.

We became friends and hung out together
In rains and sunny weather.

It was apparent that he liked me
I didn’t give him bhaav, you see.

But he was persistent and asked me out
I acted like a girl with a pout.

27/12/2009 I said yes to be with him
At Costa coffee, Bengali market and the lights went dim.

Things were good after that evening
He was funny, honest, and amusing.

Love happened somewhere along the way
And only increased every night and day.

Finally the day came when we spoke to our parents
Sparks didn’t fly, the love was God sent.

And now we’re getting married not really marred
That’s actually the best part!

November 18th is the blessed day
You must come, there is no other way.

We hope to see you there with your blessings and love
It’s time to celebrate and groove!


This piece has been written as a wedding invite for two of my closest friends, Nikhil and Divya. I rarely post personal stuff on the blog, but I had to make an exception here.
They’re both getting married right now, as I’m penning this down.
She is the most beautiful bride of the world, and he, is the most hopelessly romantic person I’ve come across.
Here’s wishing them a lot of happiness, love, love and love.


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