May 6, 2013 § 15 Comments

She hears the sound coming

from the musicians.

fresh, crystalline.


Out of the music a voice

rose as pure as the water

of the mountain streams.


It felt like a beam of light pierced the night

and a fragrance she could breathe

and a part of her own soul.


It flooded her body

making it vibrate

on every note.


She ascended then bent,

begged, lamented,

died, rose again.


Filled with unbearable joy

broken with unbearable pain

torn and made whole, together.


She became the Voice.

Whoever you are.

March 17, 2013 § 8 Comments

Done with our work for the day,
we go out. To a fancy restaurant. You,
me and our friends. Where a music
channel shows tacky videos of
shallow singers. We laugh at ’em.

We talk about work, music and
life: the regular stuff. Bitch about
the ones who didn’t turn up.
What’s the plan?‘, you ask.
I want to curl up on a couch
and eat hot chocolate‘, i reply.

We go to this another lounge
that’s newly opened. Aesthetic, we’ve
heard. All country-style, done with a
fireplace. I kick my pumps and sit
on the couch with folded legs, eating my
hot chocolate. This one plays
an old U2 concert.

All i want is you‘, Bono sings. While
i stare into your eyes. Deeply. You wink.
Next he sings ‘With or without you‘,
as he chooses a girl with straight hair,
and a black vest. She lies down on the
stage with him, singing.

And it’s a magical night. You touch
my fingers, put your arm around my
waist. And sing along.
I can’t live with or without you.’

It’s exactly how I’d imagined I’d
be loved. As i sit crawled up in
your arms.

Whoever you are.


Guest Post : Lava.

February 21, 2013 § 6 Comments

Rape Me.

It was the night we both longed for,

the night we both dreamed about every night,

the night we fancied to face another facet of us.

We were together, yet again

in the comfort of each other’s arms,

wanting to break the baked ice between us.

Our lips were sealed, but not to each other’s

…until now.

Our eyes were ravenous, thawed by lust

…a gentle gnaw.

We knew what was about to come,

we knew what was to be done.

Yet, we both conversed.

Silence, our mediator.

Our eyes talked words though,

words only we both could understand.

Words we were thoroughly acquainted with.

A gentle breeze slithered between our bodies,

but couldn’t find a way to pass through.

The cord of tension broke when

the stereo hit “Rape me.”

And we both obeyed.

~Lavanya Arora.

About Lava:

Okay so he is this cool guy I know from twitter. Instant connection, no-nonsense. Except that we plan to smoke joints together, someday! He is a master of words, and quite honest. Makes him a gem, now, doesn’t it?

You must read and follow his blog here. Also, let’s all make him write more. Show some love, fellow bloggers! 🙂

No expectations.

May 1, 2012 § 17 Comments

That strange empty feeling
when you’re lying in bed,
staring at the cieling, listening
to a Josh Ritter number.
Trying to find perspective in
darkness, meaning in nothing-
ness, and direction standing
at a dead end.
Not expecting, and not being
expected from.
Hollow and with a void, you
reflect on what life’s been
so far. On how much’ve
you changed, in the process
of resisting change.
The agony of being helpless,
the fear of the unknown,
the love that doesn’t die off.

Yet, no expectations.

There is another poem written by which he certainly did not want me to post here. But i am a bad girl, sailor boy!

So here it goes:

Today i’m stuck to my bed
with a fever, cough and cold,
covered in blankets
i feel weary and old.
The light seems too bright
and the voices seem louder,
they all crowd around and watch
and i just give em a cold shoulder.
They switch on the TV
and tell me to rest,
dont move, be still they say
i think that part’s the best.
No expectations
the silver lining,
and it all comes to me
including fine dining.


April 12, 2012 § 4 Comments

There was sucha midnight
when the skies were all white
the air took on a glow
the moon shone really bright.

The city still did not sleep
the dark was lit up by your song
your music fills up my void
long after you are gone.


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