March 12, 2014 § 4 Comments

So i decided to not wear my
heart on my sleeve again.
You taught me that lesson,
the hard way. I tried to
pull it out of the pink
colored stitches I’d made
on it.
It did come out.
And it’s left a hole in me:
something that can’t be
filled with blood, sweat, 
love or music.

Who has seen the wind?

July 28, 2013 § 6 Comments

You move the clouds along

Through the freedom of your

Limitless skies and create

Soft pictures which a

Wanderer’s eye admires.

Sometimes your tunes echo

Through these lonely hills

And they make me long

For arms around me.

You kiss the earth and him

Alike, singing the lover’s song

And sometimes you stroke his

Hair and make him think of me.

Yet, dear wind, I haven’t seen you.

For Aakanksha. 🙂

Guest Post: Ben Naga.

July 16, 2013 § 5 Comments


Alas, I bring no stardust home tonight.

The sky is overcast and all is maya,

For I confess I see no hope in sight;

Where once each daybreak promised fresh delight

We only found that time had proved a liar.

Alas, I bring no stardust home tonight.

These poor neglected coals cast little light,

So place another log upon the fire,

For I confess I see no hope in sight.

The wind is chill and bitter; hold me tight

And stoke the fire till the flames climb higher.

Alas, I bring no stardust home tonight.

Let’s not apportion blame or rue what might.

How can we but accept the trundling gyre?

For I confess I see no hope in sight.

In impasse let us yet remain polite;

Offer comfort, even as our dreams expire.

Alas, I bring no stardust home tonight,

For I confess I see no hope in sight.

About Ben:

Ben is a wonderful person and a great friend from WordPress. He is one of the earliest readers i have from here, and he has been more than a support system in terms of everything. No, i am not exaggerating. He has done a guest post before and i am more than glad to have him here again. You must read his blog here.


July 6, 2013 § 8 Comments

Each one of us lives
in our own deep dark hole.

There are those who jumped
into it, and there are those

who were thrown into it, and
some accidentally stumble into

it. Like i did.
There are those who see themselves

in a hole and don’t want to come
out of it. Aware, that there is a ladder

that’d bring us out. But we’re
afraid. Sometimes of the light outside,

and sometimes of the darkness
within our own poor, wretched souls.

But the truth is: There are no holes,
just illusions. Self inflicted pits in

our lives, which we prefer over our
sanity. Once we see them, there

are no holes anymore.
And we are whole again.


April 27, 2013 § 18 Comments

The words will never
come out of my mouth. I
assure you.
I’ve tried enough to make
you understand. You,
do NOT want to. I realise.

That’s how it ends then,
i guess. That’s how a life
form is killed and burnt
even before it can open its
eyes and look at the ugly
world, amazed.

They tell me to move on
with life. What life, again?

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