September 4, 2013 § 4 Comments

I thirst.
For you and your touch
and those long nights we
deserve to have together.

For all the times you’d run
your fingers into my long,
brown hair. Looking at
me with those love-stung

For all the songs you’ll sing
for me, when i am mad at you.
Coz you shouted at me. Or
i am just PMS-ing.

For all those bottles of wine
we’d drink. To celebrate the
smallest things in life.

For the times you’ll tell
me how much i mean to you,
and how much you love
me. While you mean it.

For the times you’d read poetry
to me in bed. Sufi poetry. And
it’ll give me goosebumps.

For the early morning kiss
and the urge to have more
of each other. For the satin sheets, and the
intertwined toes.

All of it. Just so that
i can melt in your arms.

One day.

Guest Post: Ankit Sharma.

July 9, 2013 § 3 Comments

The Traveller.

I travelled through the void of space and time all alone
hoping that a light would come and eradicate my loneliness
That another soul would travel from an outer world
And fill my world with light that would enlighten my world

I do not know of her presence or her origin in this physical earth
but a certainty that she resides in the glorious corner of my dream
As her eyes blazes through the darkness of the night
she drifts closer to me, lighting up my entire universe.

The moistness of a morning dew would describe her lips
Her smile sends a beam of positivity to my dark soul
The warm embrace of her body melts my heart like a candle
Her presence pierces my frail armour to enter into my soul

I want to be a prisoner hold up in this world forever
a long wait for hungry kisses to forge two hearts into one
If only the gods of this world would never object to my stay
I’ll completely surrender to be lost forever in her silent charm

I travel back, the path is broken and reality has found me
For I am now lost in this world but found in the another
I now wander carefree in this world for I drank your beauty
with a new wave of spiritual feeling taken over my soul

I shall travel again to new boundaries and an old forgotten space
where I surrendered my soul, hoping you would come with my heart
For there in the eternal space beyond the concepts of being right and wrong is a field
I shall wait for you there, holding my arms to welcome you with a promise to stay forever.

*The last two lines have been inspired by a quote from Rumi and this has been an Inspiration for this Post*.

About Ankit:

Ankit is a great guy i know from Twitter. He’s done a guest post for me earlier, and i am glad he is here again. He’s one of the genuine people I’ve come across in this lifetime, no kidding. You can get to his blog here.


May 6, 2013 § 15 Comments

She hears the sound coming

from the musicians.

fresh, crystalline.


Out of the music a voice

rose as pure as the water

of the mountain streams.


It felt like a beam of light pierced the night

and a fragrance she could breathe

and a part of her own soul.


It flooded her body

making it vibrate

on every note.


She ascended then bent,

begged, lamented,

died, rose again.


Filled with unbearable joy

broken with unbearable pain

torn and made whole, together.


She became the Voice.

Whoever you are.

March 17, 2013 § 8 Comments

Done with our work for the day,
we go out. To a fancy restaurant. You,
me and our friends. Where a music
channel shows tacky videos of
shallow singers. We laugh at ’em.

We talk about work, music and
life: the regular stuff. Bitch about
the ones who didn’t turn up.
What’s the plan?‘, you ask.
I want to curl up on a couch
and eat hot chocolate‘, i reply.

We go to this another lounge
that’s newly opened. Aesthetic, we’ve
heard. All country-style, done with a
fireplace. I kick my pumps and sit
on the couch with folded legs, eating my
hot chocolate. This one plays
an old U2 concert.

All i want is you‘, Bono sings. While
i stare into your eyes. Deeply. You wink.
Next he sings ‘With or without you‘,
as he chooses a girl with straight hair,
and a black vest. She lies down on the
stage with him, singing.

And it’s a magical night. You touch
my fingers, put your arm around my
waist. And sing along.
I can’t live with or without you.’

It’s exactly how I’d imagined I’d
be loved. As i sit crawled up in
your arms.

Whoever you are.



March 10, 2013 § 6 Comments

As i write this down, i
want to blindfold you
so you can’t see anything.
But just feel.
Now this poem has already
been written, but you
haven’t fully heard it yet.
Maybe i could rewind
time so you could hear the
loud chimes that spoke of

You might want to stay long
enough to hear what i have
to say. But leave before my voice
breaks as i say it.

Stay, if you want to listen
to acoustic covers of songs
you’ve never heard.
Stay, if you want to
see where our lives
take us.

Stay, for the reasons
only you know of.
Stay, for all the long
nights we might have.

Stay, if you want to stay.
Stay, because i want you to.


P.S. Look at his eyes. Do you think he will stay? 🙂

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