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June 9, 2013 § 3 Comments

I feel your heart
pounding against my back.

In my ear
i hear your breath.

Your arms around
me are a safety net.

The night is
long and bright.

The world’s spinning
but we dont mind.


Those days.

May 3, 2013 § 12 Comments

When fairies came down
to play with the flowers
When the world was
safe at 11 pm
When everything i saw
automatically became mine
When there were no
privacy issues around
When the brightest star
reminded me of my grandfather
When chocolates were
my staple diet
When dangers lurked
only under my bed, or in darkness.

I miss those days.

Guest Post : Ankit Sharma.

March 12, 2013 § 1 Comment


I visualize a certain darkness in the room.

A certain numbness, A certain tenebrosity. 
Then i see a chip of light from a crack 
which becomes clear after some time.
Even though I close my eyes
The clarity does not change
It neither increases or decreases
its like it is here to stay forever.
I move in & out
with heavy breathing and dull eyes
when the entire galaxy of stars come upon me
I realize its not a sleep, but a wait.
An unfair observation & twilight of characters
blinks and it fades off eventually.
and all I am left with is the space
which it has occupied.
Now i see a chip of light,
now making more sense
making it vulnerable, more physical
Announcing the safety & comfort of what is to beckon me with…
About Ankit:
Haven’t interacted much with the fellow but I know him from WordPress and now Twitter. The reason I noticed him was a book review on his blog. He writes versatile posts here. 🙂

They II.

January 14, 2013 § 26 Comments

A quiet stillness
An angry glance

A cold vibe
Nights of avoidance

Two wills

Two minds

Two hearts
Too stubborn
Too foolish
Too arrogant
To speak up

To say what it
means to be in love.


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November 13, 2012 § 34 Comments

The fire that i start
is the one i let kill me.
I inhale its toxicity
because its mine and
mine alone.

It consummates me
and burns me organ by
organ. You, stand right
there watchin’ me,
muted. Afraid to speak
or weak hearted.
I will never know.

You know where my heart
burns, and i know where
your thoughts are

That should be enough.

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