Guest Post : Ravi Golani.

March 5, 2013 § 1 Comment

Something’s changed

If someone would ask me to describe myself, I would tell them that I am an unattached person, disciplined, wanting to always be in control of my thoughts and my actions. Someone who believes in the concept of karmabhoomi and work takes priority over everything else. A personification of  the Joker’s question, “Who so serious?”. A tight-ass, in short.

Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that I don’t usually get along easily with people – for it seems that their way of working is more casual – lethargic. “Fun” takes priority for most of the people. I can never digest it how can some people be so relaxed with such large number of things pending that need to be accomplished.

And here I was, listening to her, who recalled the exact same incident with me as I did with her. To the onlookers, that incident would have been so trivial – and it was. But I judged her or rather, mis-judged her. Probably she did the same. The imagery of that incident is sketched deep, and she described it exactly as I remembered it. I hated her guts then that she could take the matter so lightly and unassumingly. Yet it was that incident that she vividly remembered.

Yet I couldn’t believe it. I rejected the rationality of us being friends. She is completely opposite to what I am. That must have been one of the famous conspiracies of the universe.

The problem was, I had started reading her. And it is irritating – only because it tells me every time, how gloated my ego is. How self sufficient I am in my own world. How, enclosed I am in my own thoughts – the thoughts which I refuse to share to the world for it will corrupt them.

Yet, I see a person, who is so open about what she thinks and feels. She is happy, contented. Governed only by her desperate resolve not to be cowed down. Bindaas. She looks happy. Earlier she seemed to be pompously self-assured. Now she is more human.

Our non-existent relationship slowly grows into a mutually acceptable friendship. I realise that she is also at least as much as, if not more, committed as I am to what we put our minds and heart to. I learn from her that as a part of survival, opening up is as important as cocooning yourself.

It makes me feel small to think that I judged you! I don’t know whether to be sorry or be thankful. But something within me has changed. Something has come alive. I feel more human. Perhaps, one day I shall know what it feels like to be open and to be positive.


About Ravi:

Ravi is this fun guy who is addicted to his work, i know from WordPress originally. Now we’re pretty much connected everywhere! He writes from the bottom of his heart, sheer honest stuff. You must follow his blog here!

Guest Post : Prashant.

February 14, 2013 § 3 Comments

To reach where your Heart goes

The following is a short poetic conversation between two friends in the form of a story.

The girl has her issues with her life.

The guy loves her with all his senses and beyond but would never dare to let her know.


Love has its own ways.

I feel like burning my world down

Can’t feed them from my wounds, no more.

Surrounded by cowards preying on my worth

I’m fed up of waiting for my ultimate furor

Life thinks you are one damn strong girl.

I have seen you stronger and you are so.

Of all those men who scarred your skin

No one could reach where your heart goes.

Why it should always be me bleeding

Butchered in between promises I have been.

Here now I decide to end it all forever

I kill myself and end this fate’s spleen.


So the girl takes a knife and with a deep look into the boy’s eyes – she pierces it deep into her heart.

But to her shock, it was the boy’s heart that was bleeding.

Still, with a smile on his face, he took a step to reach towards her and fell down into her arms.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to realize that it had been someone else’s heart that had been keeping you alive.

Stop for a while – praise that someone – and love him every moment like you would love him on the last day of his life.

Cherish your love.


About Prashant:

So one night someone stumbles onto my blog, and reads it from post one. No one had ever done that to me before, so i was excited. And scared. That guy was Prashant. He is the most amazing and mature person I am getting to know, via his posts. The way he sees life makes you want to fall in love with it. He is an amazing father, and will make his daughters proud when they grow up. I know. 🙂

Follow his blog here.


On Platonic Love.

January 11, 2013 § 14 Comments

Your ideal Platonic should be a member of the opposite sex who you would never dream of liking. Liking someone just ruins everything. No, you want it to be a crush-free zone. He should be someone you can talk to about pretty much everything- girl stuff as well as boy stuff- and will never judge you. You should basically be able to fart in front of your Platonic and not be embarrassed about it, because he’s a boy.

You and your Platonic should have an intellectual friendship  different from the one you share with your girlfriends. With your girlfriends, you can talk about feelings and all that mushy stuff, but your Platonic conversations will be about things like movies and TV shows and art. There should be BANTER between you and your Platonic, banter that no one else gets.

The perfect Platonic relationship would be where one or the other was perhaps gay. In that way, your Platonic would be much like a female friend, because you could talk about guys together (or girls together if you were lesbian), but you’d each still be bringing that opposite-sex chemistry into the equation. But with no chance of it getting complicated by like crushes and stuff.


~From the book “The Life and Times of Layla the Ordinary”, by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan.


P.S. She is the coolest Indian author I know. I kinda worship her. She’s written two other books, “You are Here” (My Personal Bible) and “Cold Feet”. Do buy her books. They’re available everywhere, online!

A letter from a Friend.

January 7, 2013 § 15 Comments

Following is a mail i received from a friend a while ago. Makes sense. I thought i must share.


To not know can be the source of all doubts and discomfort, ignorance is bliss? It’s hard to be ignorant and feel blissful. I think one knows all and is ignorant of nothing. Thereby being ignorant of something, which is nothing enabling that one to be blissful. My angst lies in not knowing the answer to the questions in life, primarily ‘who am I?’ , ‘what is my purpose?’ And so on. The questions gnawed at me, exposing my weaknesses. I still don’t know. I know who you are, I feel lost as always as I don’t know me. That’s probably something that rankles me all the time. Dissonance for almost everything. That’s it for the day, I need to find the path. Sad? Happy? I felt complete with you, this whole idea of the world being polychromatic is a sham. People are monochromatic. I’m wrong, I’m right, I see, I don’t see, I don’t know, I know. Nothing and something and everything and anything, all is what all seek. I guess I can think? The illusions created, how far can you actually see through them? Being the self and unified with all the other self’s. Maybe I’m wrong, I worry because I am wrong. To see and feel, to feel without contact. Must be madness, engulfed by the world makes madness negative, me thinks that is. I don’t know, this was a rant. Live fast, run faster. Life’s speedy and a rut to move about.
Pip pip, ma cher,
As always.


October 11, 2012 § 30 Comments

Cheating on his own heart
Not accepting what he feels
Overpowering his own emotions
Confusing all his thoughts
Cruelly nourishing his ego
Irritating his own self
Greedily wanting more
Angry at the ones who don’t understand him
Lustfully languishing his life
Craving for dissatisfaction
Transforming all that comes in his way.

Insanity is his second nature.




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