September 7, 2013 § 11 Comments

i wonder if this

quiet wind that stirs

the leaves travels to

you, oceans apart,

on this moonlit night.

if it carries my scent

and makes you smile

as you sense it.

the space between us will

slowly diminish if you share

the stars with me tonight;

the only reality we

may see for sometime.



April 27, 2013 § 18 Comments

The words will never
come out of my mouth. I
assure you.
I’ve tried enough to make
you understand. You,
do NOT want to. I realise.

That’s how it ends then,
i guess. That’s how a life
form is killed and burnt
even before it can open its
eyes and look at the ugly
world, amazed.

They tell me to move on
with life. What life, again?


March 27, 2013 § 17 Comments

The sudden weight as
you lean into me.

I feel the beating echo
of a heart, in your mouth.
Feels like a lost key.

But this is a rarer place. I
had forgotten this feeling.
My absorption of your slow,
cyclical, nameless grief. My
acceptance of it.
And the point where i am
no longer a stranger to myself,
no longer a stranger to you.

I engulf you in me. I hold you.
And i can’t remember a time
when i didn’t know you. It
feels like i’ve always been you,
and you’ve always been me.
Like a million rainbows super-
imposed over each other.

And afterwards, there are fewer
shadows in the late evening garden
and the air is softer. And we are
kind to each other.

I will forget again. I always do.
But you will come again, and i will
hold you again, and be glad to do it.

Guest Post : Aakanksha.

March 10, 2013 § 2 Comments

I am Happy.

“Look out and see the stars again
they’ve been waiting
Waiting ever since you left…”

I saw him walking away… Away in a direction that was unknown to me. A direction, which he wanted to take without me. No I didn’t stop him. For what I know, one should never hold a person. If they are meant to be yours, they will stay. They will come back… I might not be happy with his choice of road, but hoping that his choice at least makes him happy; makes me smile.
And if smiling makes it to happiness, I’m happy with my break up =)

Happy to see him walk away to new hopes, dreams and a new Life without me. I am sure someday he will stop and look back at me. And maybe I’ll wave back at him, still waiting for him where he left me!

If you might happen to read this, remember I’m always praying for your happiness J
And I’m happy! =)


About Aakanksha:

She is a wonderful girl i know from Twitter. She is a sweetheart, literally, and is an innocent kid at heart! Never ever will you see her faking it. You MUST follow here blog here!

Me (13)

Guest Post : Ravi Golani.

March 5, 2013 § 1 Comment

Something’s changed

If someone would ask me to describe myself, I would tell them that I am an unattached person, disciplined, wanting to always be in control of my thoughts and my actions. Someone who believes in the concept of karmabhoomi and work takes priority over everything else. A personification of  the Joker’s question, “Who so serious?”. A tight-ass, in short.

Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that I don’t usually get along easily with people – for it seems that their way of working is more casual – lethargic. “Fun” takes priority for most of the people. I can never digest it how can some people be so relaxed with such large number of things pending that need to be accomplished.

And here I was, listening to her, who recalled the exact same incident with me as I did with her. To the onlookers, that incident would have been so trivial – and it was. But I judged her or rather, mis-judged her. Probably she did the same. The imagery of that incident is sketched deep, and she described it exactly as I remembered it. I hated her guts then that she could take the matter so lightly and unassumingly. Yet it was that incident that she vividly remembered.

Yet I couldn’t believe it. I rejected the rationality of us being friends. She is completely opposite to what I am. That must have been one of the famous conspiracies of the universe.

The problem was, I had started reading her. And it is irritating – only because it tells me every time, how gloated my ego is. How self sufficient I am in my own world. How, enclosed I am in my own thoughts – the thoughts which I refuse to share to the world for it will corrupt them.

Yet, I see a person, who is so open about what she thinks and feels. She is happy, contented. Governed only by her desperate resolve not to be cowed down. Bindaas. She looks happy. Earlier she seemed to be pompously self-assured. Now she is more human.

Our non-existent relationship slowly grows into a mutually acceptable friendship. I realise that she is also at least as much as, if not more, committed as I am to what we put our minds and heart to. I learn from her that as a part of survival, opening up is as important as cocooning yourself.

It makes me feel small to think that I judged you! I don’t know whether to be sorry or be thankful. But something within me has changed. Something has come alive. I feel more human. Perhaps, one day I shall know what it feels like to be open and to be positive.


About Ravi:

Ravi is this fun guy who is addicted to his work, i know from WordPress originally. Now we’re pretty much connected everywhere! He writes from the bottom of his heart, sheer honest stuff. You must follow his blog here!

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