Guest Post: Mohita Raghav.

December 18, 2013 § 3 Comments

Etched in Aeons

In life, we always find that one person; who makes that moment of discovery seem like
a dream. They are like the surreal aspect of our forbidden dreams come to life. The
moment they enter our realm, they spread their surreality into every aspect of our

We have seen them. We have known them from eons; from the beginning of time. We
have touched them with our dream fingers. We have laid bare our souls to them already;
in an inexplicable realm of which we were the masters. We created them for ourselves in
moments, wherein we thought that we were destined to die alone. We invoked them in
rituals of our carnal fantasies. We have already slept a hundred nights in their arms and
have woken up on their spectral kisses. We have spent a million tender and vulnerable
moments with them already.

It has become hard to pinpoint that dividing line between them and reality. It has
become hard to tell whether we created them in a magical bout of imagination or they
came as an idea destined to strike us. It is nearly impossible to delineate whether we
morphed them according to our whims or we metamorphosed according to them; to
become their’s.

Lines smudged a long time back.

We committed ourselves to the fantasy and damned ourselves to a long phase of
hermit-like searching until we realized the futility of it all. We, then, pulled ourselves
together and consoled ourselves that such people only existed in fantasies…
Until they walk into our real lives; in flesh and blood, better than we sculpted them in

What, then, can be done?

I could not decide. I was transfixed, looking at him with a mindfloating upon
numbness like a water-baby.

He was sitting alone on a table; with a half-finished sandwich, coffee mug and an
open pocket-diary. He was bent over his laptop, his long fingers flying over the

I stood upon the threshold of disbelief and panic. Already vulnerable to him.
Defenceless. Thrilled and flabbergasted altogether. I wanted to run away. I wanted
to run to him. I wanted to brand him with a kiss. I wanted to hide. In a bout of
seemingly sane self-defense, I even wanted to kill him.

It was at this moment when, prompted by something palpable but unseen, he raised
his eyes to look at me. And smiled a knowing smile. As if he had been waiting too. As
if he knew we will meet.

It was at this moment that all avenues of escape closed faster than they’d

And I was lost.

About the Author:

Mohita is a wonderful person I know from Twitter. She writes stuff that you ave to read more than once, so you can grasp it. So you can absorb it.

Read her blog here. I insist.

Depth III.

March 16, 2013 § 13 Comments

The night you faced the
sea frightened me more
than anything in life.

You stood and screamed as if
you were unafraid. As if you
were indifferent to the life
that gushed out of you.
Words dribbled out of your
mouth but mostly i could hear
you fighting against the
waves as they were carrying you
away from me.

I called for you to come back,
the voice trapped inside my head.
I knew that i would be drowned in
the waves and the gushing sea
but i kept calling out. It felt like
someone had lightened me up.

Maybe one day when i have
learnt how to swim the depths
of your ocean, i could do more
than to call you out from the shore.



Guest Post : Soumya.

February 26, 2013 § 14 Comments


 A thickened smog spreads
visibility  ends,
should a ray of light
guide the world,
through the dense barricade.
darkened life,
horrific surroundings ,
humans cease to live
conscience within if  guides the way,
doomed is the future of the earth

Cannibals existed  in prehistoric times,
stone age showed the evolution sign,
centuries took to origin of species,
transforming and being phylogenetic,
the path suddenly seems reversed,
or is it lost in the shrouded cover,
every corner speaks of power,
chaos ruling minds of Bedlam.

where is the destination of this voyage,
the smothering dark cloud of rage and wrath suffocates,
shearing this impenetrable  isn’t easy,
who will be then taking the initiative?
generations will swipe away thus,
will anything be left called mankind ever?


About Soumya:

I know Soumya via WordPress. She writes amazing poetry in English and Hindi alike. As a person, she’s super cute. You can follow her blog here.


June 8, 2012 § 36 Comments

I want to give you
everything i have, while
keeping it all for myself too.

And i want to take nothing
from you. Not your freedom.
NEVER that.
I dont want to change you. I
love you just the way you are.

Carefree, with that depth
you rarely show. Yes, i do
see it. And i see the ache behind
that undying smile.

I dont want to compare my
depths with your’s. I only
want to drown in them.

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