October 11, 2012 § 30 Comments

Cheating on his own heart
Not accepting what he feels
Overpowering his own emotions
Confusing all his thoughts
Cruelly nourishing his ego
Irritating his own self
Greedily wanting more
Angry at the ones who don’t understand him
Lustfully languishing his life
Craving for dissatisfaction
Transforming all that comes in his way.

Insanity is his second nature.




Dream- II.

October 7, 2012 § 26 Comments

I. He says that every relationship
has a time limit. They die, after
a point. So i read the calendars
drawn on his palms and notice
the stamps painted on his heart.

II. I sit and wonder how long will it
be till we die off too. How many
more long nights, and secrets, and
kisses and i-love-you’s?

III. I wonder and feel the agony rising
inside of me. I run.
I run through the forests unafraid.
I run on the darkened streets where
my friends try and stop me.
I run through the meadows and
step on flowers.

IV. I run, holding his hand and miss
all the people waiting for me.

V. And now it’s midnight. And cold.
I hear someone playing the cello.
She calls out his name. I try to stop him
but he follows her voice. He walks
away, to her.

VI. I fall. There is no one to catch me.

VII. I wake up from my sleep and
check. He really, is gone.





October 7, 2012 § 19 Comments

I. I am living a dream.

II. I bury myself in the dark. The Moon tells me i am a Moon-child. But i do not shimmer like the stars that reside in the galaxy. I am dull and clumsy. The strings of my heart have been pulled.

III. The hollow bones in my body rustle in the summer heat. I become a cave. I contain him in me. I can’t move without tampering his sanctity. Mountains build up on my shoulders, but i do not collapse. I choose to live.

IV. I have forgotten how i used to get goosebumps on my skin each time we touched. The frostbites that knock on my heart, remind me that i still remember to feel.

V. I am living a dream.


September 4, 2012 § 53 Comments

With what’s left of my face after
you are finished with it,
your sun has melted it,
your shocks have scoured it,
your breath has scarred it,
your challenges have chiselled it,
you have ravaged it with your unspeakable ways.

With whatever skin i have
whatever still works in my eyes
whatever screams i have left
whatever thoughts i can retain
i will finally speak your name.

When you can see all of me
when you can hear all of me
when all the sad things no longer divide me from you
i will finally, at last, in ecstasy
speak your name
your unspeakable name.





August 26, 2012 § 44 Comments

I’ve felt the mist
after the shower’s lifted.
I’ve seen the world
from a foggy perception.
But i just want to see you
for who you are.
Not for who you want
me to see you as.
Irrespective of the time
it takes to clear the glass.

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