March 5, 2014 § 8 Comments

I never wanted you to be
Just another heartache
Another broken promise
While i am constantly trying to get to you
I cannot
When others have said i ask too much
You see i just want to be heard
But tears sting my eyes
Seeing how we connect,
Yet we’re so distant
And i wonder
Will you turn into an automation
Smiling and carrying on
While your heart yearns to reach out
Or is it just me over thinking, again
While you’re living your happy-go-lucky life
How would i know what the real-side is
Now that you’re faraway and unreachable.

A Flower’s Lament.

December 16, 2012 § 16 Comments

I remember when you first saw me
as you walked through the garden.
My fragrance and beauty attracted you
soothed your soul.

You visited me everyday and spent hours just watching me
you put me on a pedestal and worshipped me
you loved me so much.

Then I gave you the infamous rose coloured glasses
the ones that made you think that the world is pretty
that made you think that you can see better
you loved me so much.

Then you tried to hold me
and I spat words that pierced your heart like thorns
I hit your soul.

And I lived with the guilt.
I had loved you too.
I wished I would wither and die.

You chose to walk off me.
You didn’t bother to say goodbye.

I didn’t die.
I became more beautiful.

You passed the garden again and saw me
the aroma of nostalgia filled the air
you took off the glasses and left them at my feet
as you walked away, you heard footsteps.
You turned around
saw a boy admiring me.

He loved me so much.



December 12, 2012 § 14 Comments

The letter she would write to him
The happy memories they were to create
The curtains she was to choose for their room
The wines they were to collect
The crystal bowls she was to love
The Bayern posters he was to adore
The saree she was to wear for their engagement
The quotes of marriage they were to laugh over
The unconditional love she was to recieve from his parents
The old, old dictionary his paa was to gift her
The home they were to build together.

In minutes it was gone.
Burnt to ashes by the fire they set on it.

Do you still see the memories we
have to make, when you look into my eyes?


November 13, 2012 § 34 Comments

The fire that i start
is the one i let kill me.
I inhale its toxicity
because its mine and
mine alone.

It consummates me
and burns me organ by
organ. You, stand right
there watchin’ me,
muted. Afraid to speak
or weak hearted.
I will never know.

You know where my heart
burns, and i know where
your thoughts are

That should be enough.


November 7, 2012 § 17 Comments

I tried to stitch myself into
it, but nothing held.
I am okay. It’s just that before
felt like a million rainbows,
superimposed over each other.
And i linger, as if still waiting
for them to magically reappear.

It was this hour, just as early
darkness fell, that you would come
to me. With your clarity, and your
carefree-ness. Stepping into the
wall i’d built. Slowly. And steadily.

I am okay. It’s just that i have been
impatient. Very much. I thought
i knew everything you didn’t tell,
and understood everything you did.
And i believed things will be fine,
with time. Silly, silly girl.

What is can be as elusive as
what is not. Both beguile, and
neither stays. Or sticks. I am lost
in this transition.
From what we were, to what we
are, to what we will be.

It is winter here.
And unquiet.

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