September 9, 2012 § 40 Comments

So well. It’s been a full year that I started this blog. The journey so far, has been good.

I remember the exact reason why a lazy bum like me took the time out to create an account on a blog-site and post, despite the fact that i had been writing for over ten years.

I have a friend Vipul who used to pester me to start one. I had my CA Final exams in November’11. And like it happens with everyone while they’re studying, I found everything, but my curriculum interesting. So I wrote something for  him. And tried to mail it to him. The blasted mail wouldn’t go only! That was enough to irk the already soppy version of me.

The next morning I created an account on WordPress. The blog name was chosen to be Ravenousforlife for a reason. Yeah, another story there! You can *yawwn* now! 😀

In college, this friend once told me that if I were a bird, I’d have been a Raven.

Raven- a bird known for it’s courage. With it’s hoarse cry, a little rough around the edges; but with a very gentle interior.


So this is how it all began. I have a tendency of leaving things midway. I still haven’t given up on blogging. And I won’t, for a while, it seems.

So finally Happy Bird-Day to my blog! I’ve had a wonderful year with all you peeps. And I hope there are many more to come.


Here’s the poem I wrote for Vipul:

P.S. All the Indian readers would know the song I am adding by heart, and the meaning.

For the ones who don’t, here’s what it means:

I’m a poet only for a second or two;
my story will be over in a few seconds.
My laughter is only for a moment or two;
my youth will be over in a few moments.
I’m a poet only for a second or two.
Many poets came before me, and after coming, departed;
some went filled with sighs,
and some went singing songs.
They were only the story of a moment in time;
I too am only the story of a moment.
Tomorrow I will be separated from you,
but for today, I’m a part of you.
I’m a poet of a moment or two, no more.
Tomorrow new songs will arrive,
freshly bloomed blossoms to be plucked.
There will be better storytellers than me,
and better listeners than you.
Tomorrow, someone might remember me;
but why should anyone remember me?
For my sake, why should this busy world
waste its time?
I’m a poet only for a moment or two.


July 16, 2012 § 41 Comments

So this, is my 100th post on this blog. Woah, i still cant believe i have managed to post so much in less than a year!

I seriously didn’t know what should i write in the 100th, so i thought i’d just thank all the special people in life!

I cant do the cliché i want to thank my family thing. No thankyouverrymuch! I mean i love em and all, but not here! 😛

But there is one person i would want to thank, that’d be my brother. I look up to him in almost every respect, though i hate to admit it. He does read my poetry sometimes, and NEVER asks why’d i write it. Thank you bro, you mean the world to me! 🙂 And you know it!!

And well, among the regular friends i have, i must thank
Nitin, for being an asshole
DJ for all the motherly concern
Akshi for understanding without me having to say it
Nikhil for never reading my blog 😛
Neha for all the mindfucking
Sanjoli for not letting the bitch in me die
Kiki for being a good daughter 😀
Rameet for just being there
Abhishek for hating my blog
Gaurav & Gunjan for being awesome buddies
Irfan for bearing with me
Anjali, Mastak, Prachi, Shreya and Riddhi for not changing; despite the distances
Vaibhav for always reading it and telling me nice things that he doesn’t always mean
Vipul for being the reason i have a blog. 🙂

Thank you guys. Each one of you means a lot to me!!

And among the virtual friends i have, i want to thank everyone who’s connected for being a constant inspiration. I read the comments you write and they lift me up when i am down, or elate me when i am happy.
If it weren’t for you people, i would not have known me. Thank you. For everything!

As Robert Frost said:
“Being a poet is a condition, and not a profession”;
i guess i’ll continue with this bit. For a while, certainly!

Awards, yeah! *sigh*

June 8, 2012 § 32 Comments

long pending post. some awards that were pending for a while, had to be acknowledged. i am a little lazy, so!

so the first one comes from : Kreativ Blogger Award. Naima is a wonderful and kind woman who writes beautiful, versatile posts. no rules! but, thanks naima!! 🙂


next, are a couple of ’em from Wendell at

 now any award coming from him is a great honour!! he is that guy! 😀 


 thankyousoomuch wendell! 🙂

next is another Versatile Blogger Award from Rosy at funnily, she gave me my first Versatile Blogger Award too, while she is one of the most versatile bloggers i know of! 😛

and the final one comes from Boomie at gosh, i love the woman’s strong writing!!


thank you Boomie, Rosy, Wendell and Naima!

now, its too much of a task to pass all of em on. so i’d just give a list of some of my favourite blogs. each blog i mention here deserves much more than simple awards! 🙂 (Philosophy, poetry, Zen) (Sketching) (Philosophy- special mention) (Poetry) (Poetry) (Poetry) (Poetry) (Poetry) (Life) (poetry- special mention) (Zen) (Life) (Poetry) (Poetry) (life- special mention) (EVERYthing you need in a blog!) (Poetry) (poetry)


Happy blogging everyone, and have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

I see you.. In me!

June 4, 2012 § 19 Comments

Following is a poetic conversation i had with my blogger friend Prashant on Twitter! It’s fun tweeting and we’re both crazy! Madness is what i seek, when i am talking to him!! 🙂

Archana: strangers passing in the street
by chance two separate glances meet
and i am you
and what i see is me.
Prashant: the glance is of a moment
in the orchestrated sway of minds
you take all of me away
and leave all of mine behind
Archana: and in that one moment
i think i’ve lived all my life
there is a momentary lapse of reason
and then everything seems right
Prashant: the lapses you talk of
are the bits of the life we seek
momentary is the self we live as
cherish the uncertain as we speak
Archana: do we know what’re we seeking
or is it uncertain too
so many thoughts in my head
i wonder what to do
Prashant: u spoke of being in awe
as you chase a perfect life
believe in the madness of love
best to be kissed when the time is right
Archana: chasing life isnt my thing
i think its just a fuss
thats what i’ve been looking for
love with all the madness
Prashant: the madness of love
is the subtle touch of life itself
for him to know how to hold you
you must know how to be held
Archana: that i’ve always known
even wrote a post on it you liked
but there arent many men out there
who can handle a woman equivalent to a pike
Prashant: to call ourselves “men”
we need to think beyond our testosterone
this “pike” isn’t to conquer
just be honest and she is won
Archana: now how many of those
would actually think like that
i am kinda jinxed that way
only the wrong ones i attract
Prashant: the madness in love
is a thing of sense and sensibility
jinxes may last a lifetime
but this madness lasts full eternity
Archana: its not like i’m not mad that way
you have to see me to judge
but all the men i meet
are either sissy or studs 😛
Prashant: the image we create
is to hide our fears within
whom am I to judge you
a woman strong, knowing love and worth believing
Archana: i know you wouldnt judge me
a man who knows love would not
i like our conversation quite a lot
this deserves a proper post 😀
Prashant: so being a gentleman
I am supposed to carry you from here
the verses you hymned today
simply make things better and clear
Archana: and i wouldnt mind that sir
you are Mr. Angle
you help me hunt for perspective lately
when i am kinda lost and dull
Prashant: you being in your spirits
makes my day here
if I don’t feel you smiling but dull
even the literary orgasm isn’t a pleasure
Archana: makes me wonder
where were you all these years
you make me laugh and chirp at times
drowning my worst fears 😀
Prashant: I’m not The One
I am certainly not The Best
I’m just a “Ghost” who talks well
appearing, when walk away the rest
Archana: a pearl wouldnt know
its own worth anytime
i appreciate the gesture
and i like the way we rhyme! 🙂

And some more..

June 2, 2012 § 26 Comments

this whole award thing can be strange. the more you decide to run away from it, the more they come to you themselves!

anyway, there were about three awards i had to accept, and i thought what-the-heck! why not do it all in one single post, and get over with it!!

okay so this one comes from a very-good-newly-found-blogger-friend Prashant from his, is one of the most genuine blogs i have come across. the guy is secretive about things, but very mature in his writing! 🙂

no rules attached with this one. thankyouverrymuch Prashant! you know when do i say that!! 😛

okay, on to the next one.

this one comes from Vimal,

this guy writes some awesome poetry, and well reads mine with equal enthusiasm too! 😀

this has to be passed on. so, here goes:

and the final one, thankfully!!

also comes from Vimal,

thank you, for the honor Vimal. 🙂

this one involves some details. so, here i answer your questions, Dear Award! 😀

Favorite color: Black

Favorite number: 3

Favorite drink: LIIT

My Passion: Exploring that area!

Getting or Giving Presents: Giving, anyday!

Favorite Pattern: Sleep-eat-sleep! 😛

Favorite Flower: Orchid

and i am going to pass this on. umm, lets see!

and, it’s done. not so difficult a task, apparently! 😀

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