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October 11, 2014 § 14 Comments

So I have been away from this space for a while. A lot of stuff was happening, I didn’t know how to deal with it, so I resorted to the easier way. The path that I always choose: escapism.


This time around, I not only avoided myself but also other people. And most importantly, I gave up on writing. Crazy as it may seem, but that’s what I did.


See i don’t consider myself to be a writer in any sense of the word. But venting the whole damn thing out on a piece of paper does help. Especially on long, cold nights when your sense of direction is lost & you seek destruction within you.


But not writing it down taught me a few things too. Like how to deal with misery without letting it find an outlet. And the fact that it doesn’t kill you in the end, no matter how pathetic it may be.


Am I over this sadomasochistic phase?

Not really. I’m still dealing with it. It’s a lot better, yes.


Anyway, this post was just to tell you guys that I am still alive, that I am not living in some part of the world where there is no internet connection, and that there is still hope. Hope, that I might pick up that pen again sometime and punish you with my wretched posts. 🙂

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