Unrequited love – XVII.

June 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

the piece of glass breathing deep inside her neck or the blood it spilled all over the mirror as she kept it there

moments that elapsed between two kisses or metaphors that forgot how to twist some meanings

pathetic poets who are loved by the herd or the meanings that do not seem to trespass the mind of the commons

the food you eat every single day or the amazement at which you look at the moon every night

blunt razors that graze on rough beards or sharp ones that like to bless the skin with cuts

the ice in your glass that melts as you talk to make your way into them or their indifference towards your thrusts later on

a frightening glance at someone passing through your closed eyes or the smile of a stranger that does not trigger a response

a bewilderment that finds itself going mad at the outburst of stability or the drops of rain that never return back to the clouds

the search for meaning in existence without trying to live or the death that is constantly nearing without your approval

shouting in an inconsolable silence, they are all growling to find a way to migrate and to burst open into that song Floyd once composed

(oh, damn, it hurts so good!)



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