Unrequited love – XIV.

June 22, 2014 § 2 Comments

Unrequited Love ?

For long I thought I might not write on unrequited love. One of the major reason being I do not think it existed, atleast not in my case.

I did love people, whom when I confessed, didn’t give the reply I would have loved to hear but I believe they still loved me. Often we too assume or confuse a very good friendship as love. Yes, am also a person who believes that for a love relationship, a very good friendship should be the foundation. Seldom happens I know.
I loved everyone, every friend of mine and for few I felt like making love to. Some of them i then thought to be unrequited love coz they didn’t convey the same feelings for me at that time. But still a long lasting love still existed. I know those friends of mine still love me and remember our time spent together in their lonely moments. I know for sure that I gave them reasons to long for me, they too loved and still dream to spend time with me. Though their priorities have changed. Now they have wife, family to answer to if they meet me or talk in same manner as they used to.
Infact one of them, once secretly chatting with me (his wife not to know that), confessed that had I given him more time to decide, he would have committed me. I wonder if he really had. He even confessed to still dreaming to go out with me on some travel and spending time with me.  One of them expressed. Most of them won’t I know. But I believe in my love that when I love someone, there’s no chance of that person not loving me back.
I wouldn’t name myself in this post not because I have something to hide but because I love those friends too much and wish them to have wonderful family life, would never even dream to spoil their happiness…….whenever I see their pictures with their wives and kids now, that too adds to my happiness, I feel relaxed and at peace to see them happy….That’s how I love 🙂

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