Unrequited love – VII.

June 16, 2014 § 2 Comments

Being shy makes me to stay away from people I love. Maybe, people took time to understand me or it’s been vice-versa. Talking about one-sided love in layman’s language, mine is on since 7 years. It’s too much eh? Yeah, she still doesn’t know about the love I have for her or maybe she never noticed. It doesn’t mean I have never tried, but being “good friends” was our top priority. As time passes by, you realize it’s more than friendship and you wish to take it further. How do you want to take it further? I am unable to answer these questions.

Maybe I never wanted to tell that I loved her and not want to limit myself as a friend. We all have friends who we love more than our parents or siblings. Those friends, whom we can share every minute details of our life and are scared to tell anyone else. It started when I first saw in college. The smile, that was it, that was about her that had my heart melted. I make her laugh, that’s what she says to me when she feels low and I try to brighten up her sad day. I just never wanted to lose her, so I tried and maintained a distance whenever I wanted to share my exact feelings for her. I still keep my promise to meet her once a week.

I try and maintain the distance, even after seven years. Have avoided watching romantic movies and listen to crappy Bollywood songs that play on TV. No offence, I don’t find our romantic movies as pleasing as they have in Hollywood. The last romantic movie that I have watched was 500 Days of Summer. “I Love You” these maybe just three simple words, but they mean a lot. It will never see the light at the end of the day when it comes to her. I might still have some part of myself loving her and never letting her know about this. I feel it’s better I keep it that way and never let her go as a friend because that was how we both started in first place.



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