Unrequited love – VI.

June 14, 2014 § 1 Comment

How do you win a love that refuses to ignite? A love that is a damp tinder box, rained on by another parade?
Refusing to grow perhaps, wishing to be a child to gain pity, a silly replacement for the love you yearn for.
A wish for even a lie, to hear that your love has been returned, even for a moment, to turn it into infinity.
The refusal to forget, the silent rejection of a no, the perseverance toward an aim, the selfishness of a desire.
The high of a victory, the low of a disappointment, and the tense air around a hopeful realization that you may have hit the gold in the mine of her heart.
Summits. The high after the ascent, and the low after the descent.
Was this a game? And who won? Was letting me think I won, your actual victory?
Love me someday, when I’m worthy enough. Tell me that you do, in every tongue possible, or in a knowing glance, and a lasting kiss.



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