Unrequited love – V.

June 13, 2014 § 1 Comment

People start their story usually, by saying how they met at some coffee shop or at a friend’s party and maybe these days, web portals. It would be very creepy, but I met him in my dreams. Yes, dreams. And this is how my strangest love story begins… I have been in love before also, and I have no shame in admitting my current feelings to him. I’m not scared. Because I know I can never have him as my love. This is what unrequited love is for me. This is a feeling which I will never ever get from him. He might be the only person in the world to know almost everything about me. Because with him I don’t have to think twice. With him there is no wall. With him, all I see is him. I have never been this happy in life before. Since day he has walked into my life, the whole idea of waking up in the morning has changed. I look forward to each day because I know I’ll find another reason to talk to him and another reason to fall in love, a little more each day, and every day. Him not returning my feeling does not make my feelings go away. My love is going to stay, grow, and live for years to come.



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