Unrequited Love – IV.

June 11, 2014 § 1 Comment

Love…such a small word of four letters but holds so much in it…love between married couples, the boy friend girl friend kind of love, love between family, love between strangers. Yes it does exist do you not feel love towards random twitter people at times? I do… and then there is love between friends…platonic love.

Love that is may be more than the gf bf kinds…love that expects you to be there more than family at times and love that just makes you cuddle or be near someone more than your better half at moments. Platonic love…when you know your soul loves someone more than it should or when you want to kiss someone but not in a physical way. It exists. Damn!

A special kind of hell in love is the unrequited one. One sided affair…The one in which either you are at the giving end or receiving one…its fine till you don’t think about it. But, the moment you start thinking or may be let your concience deal with it…It gets bad. Every moment, every second you thought of that person or every time your heart fluttered with beautiful emotions when that someone smiled or messaged on his/her own …every beautiful thing stings.

When you give everything to someone but not that he denies or not that he doesn’t want it but just may be doesn’t retaliate in the same way…sigh! it exists. Even if you have someone special in life who returns back all love, there might be a place in your heart that’s there for unrequited love. We don’t understand that so quick..We just try to find logical reasons and fail every single time.

Unrequited love is beautiful…you write wonderfully…There is serenity in your emotions. Ofcourse you do those things when you are already into writing or such things but you need to be emotional as well na. Practical people don’t feel this kind of love, if they do, they let it pass. But we, the sulking expressive kinds can never let it go…It always stays. Somewhere in your heart, inside books, pages at back of your work notebook…its like a constant pain you go through almost always.

There will be days when your unrequited someone would make you smile, almost make your day and there will be days when you get into deep thoughts, sulk and think why god why…

I don’t know if many of you will agree, but for me unrequited love is not always the love-love kinds. You can feel so in friendships as well and boy it’s stings equally..you give a piece of your soul to someone and make him special. In return, he just simply says he doesn’t want to be there…not that he is bad he is just true in a rude way by telling you not to expect from him. It’s like when you care extra and someone runs away from you. Have you done that? I am a specialist in it. Bleh. The kind of person who keeps doing doing doing…no use.
When the person breaks my heart, I write poems and swear I’ll never love again but then after few days it all gets fine and I forget the hurt and pain. It’s damaging. Very. And when I try to think or write about unrequited love, I guess these words may suffice a little…

There’s love and then there is our definition of love. All kinds of love…for me it’s expression for you it might be not be so…for me it could be sea breeze for you it might be mountains…The trouble comes in when my kind of love not meets your kind of. What if they never meet what if the love remains but it stays somewhere hidden inside just because it’s not the kind of love we want it to be…you feel it’s not love…and out of blues someday you wake up and realise my kind of love was your kind just the expressions were different!

What kind of unrequited love do you have?



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