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My idea of relationships has been formed on the basis of long discussions with friends, observing some and then certain realizations that come while you’re growing up.

There isn’t anything such as moving on, if you’ve been in love. In the sense that you just don’t get over someone you’ve been romantically in love with. You just let other people in and fill up that crazy little void in your life. If it IS indeed love, that is.

I don’t know how you would describe love. But how I see it is that it’s that phase where you’re crazy about someone. Where all you want is the beloved’s happiness. Where you’re ready to fight the whole world for the silly grin on their face. Where you lose your essence in them, and become who they are. Where physical boundaries or distances are just a state of mind. Where his breath becomes music to your ears, his words poetry. Where you love everything that the beloved loves, no questions asked. That space, I call love.

However, the sad part of love is that it does require reciprocation. No matter how selfless a lover you are, you do long for arms to hold you on some nights and tell you that you don’t necessarily have to do it all by yourself.

Another part I’ve understood is that the part of you with which you love someone becomes unavailable for the rest of the world, for the rest of your life.
Think of it like building a castle in the air. Now if you put your bricks in it by investing all your emotions, and the beloved doesn’t put his bricks; it’s your castle. It’s not “our” castle. Which means that those bricks in that castle of yours are used up. You can’t use them with another person.
But here’s the deal: You can never run out of bricks. Sure you might have lesser bricks compared to the previous castles, but you’ll always have some more.

What would you do?
Build castles in the air with the beloved without a base, or a mundane house with someone else on the ground?


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