November 21, 2013 § 14 Comments

So I just turned twenty five, thank you very much.

It feels so weird finally reaching that age that resonates with stability, and of course the mid life crisis. It’s a mixed feeling actually. The kind that makes you elated and a little melancholic at the same time. Because you haven’t really grown up, and yet you’ve grown up enough. It’s a paradox, yeah.

It’s been a good year I’d say. I met new people, I could make some of them smile, made new friends, fell in love after a long period of emotional celibacy, my friends got married. Things have been fairly decent, life has been kind.

I’ve come to learn a lot of things in life in the last one year. Things that I hadn’t paid attention to for a long time. The soft things, you know. Majorly about family, relationships, friendship, love, and most importantly, about my own self.

While I was still in my teens, I somehow looked forward to growing up. It all appeared fancy on the surface after all.
Today it’s not like I wish I was still a teenager, but I wish I hadn’t missed all that time wanting to grow up. There was a lot more that I could’ve done with that time!

What’s gone is gone, I know. I’ve become wiser, or so I like to believe.
This, is just another number I guess. That’d change in another 365 days. But what’d stay is what I give out. The love, the happiness, the memories.

It’s just another day after all. 🙂


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