The Split

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Sheer beauty!!

A Ray of Hope

                                                  THE SPLIT TRILOGY
                                               PART 1: AND THEY SPLIT
His world was colliding while he chased her with saddened eyes
He knew he lost her love, but one desperate attempt to revive emotions
He called out her name and there she stood in still waiting for him to speak
And he out of all normal questions asked her “Where are you going”?
He saw her eyes moist…

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November 21, 2013 § 14 Comments

So I just turned twenty five, thank you very much.

It feels so weird finally reaching that age that resonates with stability, and of course the mid life crisis. It’s a mixed feeling actually. The kind that makes you elated and a little melancholic at the same time. Because you haven’t really grown up, and yet you’ve grown up enough. It’s a paradox, yeah.

It’s been a good year I’d say. I met new people, I could make some of them smile, made new friends, fell in love after a long period of emotional celibacy, my friends got married. Things have been fairly decent, life has been kind.

I’ve come to learn a lot of things in life in the last one year. Things that I hadn’t paid attention to for a long time. The soft things, you know. Majorly about family, relationships, friendship, love, and most importantly, about my own self.

While I was still in my teens, I somehow looked forward to growing up. It all appeared fancy on the surface after all.
Today it’s not like I wish I was still a teenager, but I wish I hadn’t missed all that time wanting to grow up. There was a lot more that I could’ve done with that time!

What’s gone is gone, I know. I’ve become wiser, or so I like to believe.
This, is just another number I guess. That’d change in another 365 days. But what’d stay is what I give out. The love, the happiness, the memories.

It’s just another day after all. 🙂

Their story.

November 19, 2013 § 8 Comments

October 1, 2009 was the day
A handsome boy came my way.

He smiled at me and I thought
There’s something this guy’s got.

We became friends and hung out together
In rains and sunny weather.

It was apparent that he liked me
I didn’t give him bhaav, you see.

But he was persistent and asked me out
I acted like a girl with a pout.

27/12/2009 I said yes to be with him
At Costa coffee, Bengali market and the lights went dim.

Things were good after that evening
He was funny, honest, and amusing.

Love happened somewhere along the way
And only increased every night and day.

Finally the day came when we spoke to our parents
Sparks didn’t fly, the love was God sent.

And now we’re getting married not really marred
That’s actually the best part!

November 18th is the blessed day
You must come, there is no other way.

We hope to see you there with your blessings and love
It’s time to celebrate and groove!


This piece has been written as a wedding invite for two of my closest friends, Nikhil and Divya. I rarely post personal stuff on the blog, but I had to make an exception here.
They’re both getting married right now, as I’m penning this down.
She is the most beautiful bride of the world, and he, is the most hopelessly romantic person I’ve come across.
Here’s wishing them a lot of happiness, love, love and love.


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