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I can’t get over this one.

Mai Ni Main | Shah Hussain

September 16, 2013 § 2 Comments


Mai ne main kinon aakhaan,
Dard vichore da hall ni

O mother O mother, who do I tell,
this pain of separation

Dhuan dhukhay mairay murshid wala,
Jaan phoulaan taan laal ni

My Maste’rs fire smoulders,
If I poke, its red hot

Soolan mar dewani keeti,
Birhoun peya saday khayali

Driven mad with spikes,
Pain of separation fills my thoughts

Dukhan di roti, Soolaan da saalan,
Aahen da baalan baal

Bread of sadness, sauce of spikes,
Make a fire of laments

Jungle bailay phiraan
Dhoudaindi ajay na paayo lal

Wandered jungles and deserts,
But not found the ruby

Ranjhan Ranjhan phiraan dhoudaindi,
Ranjhan mairay nal

wander looking for Ranjhan Ranjhan,
But Ranjhan is with me

Kahay Hussain faqeer nimanaa,
Shoh milay taan theevan nihaal

Says Hussain the poor faqeer,
Meeting God would be ecstasy

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September 11, 2013 § 6 Comments

There are
people close, living near
breathing the same air.
Yet, not really here.

Then I have you
far away in a distant place.
Yet, tangible your presence
in this surrounding space.



September 7, 2013 § 11 Comments

i wonder if this

quiet wind that stirs

the leaves travels to

you, oceans apart,

on this moonlit night.

if it carries my scent

and makes you smile

as you sense it.

the space between us will

slowly diminish if you share

the stars with me tonight;

the only reality we

may see for sometime.



September 4, 2013 § 4 Comments

I thirst.
For you and your touch
and those long nights we
deserve to have together.

For all the times you’d run
your fingers into my long,
brown hair. Looking at
me with those love-stung

For all the songs you’ll sing
for me, when i am mad at you.
Coz you shouted at me. Or
i am just PMS-ing.

For all those bottles of wine
we’d drink. To celebrate the
smallest things in life.

For the times you’ll tell
me how much i mean to you,
and how much you love
me. While you mean it.

For the times you’d read poetry
to me in bed. Sufi poetry. And
it’ll give me goosebumps.

For the early morning kiss
and the urge to have more
of each other. For the satin sheets, and the
intertwined toes.

All of it. Just so that
i can melt in your arms.

One day.

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