Who has seen the wind?

July 28, 2013 § 6 Comments

You move the clouds along

Through the freedom of your

Limitless skies and create

Soft pictures which a

Wanderer’s eye admires.

Sometimes your tunes echo

Through these lonely hills

And they make me long

For arms around me.

You kiss the earth and him

Alike, singing the lover’s song

And sometimes you stroke his

Hair and make him think of me.

Yet, dear wind, I haven’t seen you.

For Aakanksha. 🙂


July 26, 2013 § 9 Comments

When I think about the
way your fingertips touch mine
And leave spots like an
autumn manicure in a daydream haze
I remember seasons of change,
seasons that came and went
Before the day the wind swept in
before the day you swept in.

I hope you stay, with fingers
crossed; entangled in yours. And
always caress these fingertips.

Us – II.

July 21, 2013 § 15 Comments

i felt the rush as you leaned in
to kiss these parched lips that
had longed for your touch all
these years. your tongue exploded
inside my mouth and made me
hungry for more.
your kisses traced the neck line
of my dress and sent shivers
down my spine. you grabbed me
closer as you ran your fingers
through my tangled hair.
your hot breath on my neck
and the helplessness with which
you give your all to me, left me
moaning and panting. i wanted more
of you. more of us. i forgot
rationality, practicality and my
self. and gave you all i have.
i exist only at places you touched
me last night.

Guest Post: Ben Naga.

July 16, 2013 § 5 Comments


Alas, I bring no stardust home tonight.

The sky is overcast and all is maya,

For I confess I see no hope in sight;

Where once each daybreak promised fresh delight

We only found that time had proved a liar.

Alas, I bring no stardust home tonight.

These poor neglected coals cast little light,

So place another log upon the fire,

For I confess I see no hope in sight.

The wind is chill and bitter; hold me tight

And stoke the fire till the flames climb higher.

Alas, I bring no stardust home tonight.

Let’s not apportion blame or rue what might.

How can we but accept the trundling gyre?

For I confess I see no hope in sight.

In impasse let us yet remain polite;

Offer comfort, even as our dreams expire.

Alas, I bring no stardust home tonight,

For I confess I see no hope in sight.

About Ben:

Ben is a wonderful person and a great friend from WordPress. He is one of the earliest readers i have from here, and he has been more than a support system in terms of everything. No, i am not exaggerating. He has done a guest post before and i am more than glad to have him here again. You must read his blog here.

Guest Post: Ankit Sharma.

July 9, 2013 § 3 Comments

The Traveller.

I travelled through the void of space and time all alone
hoping that a light would come and eradicate my loneliness
That another soul would travel from an outer world
And fill my world with light that would enlighten my world

I do not know of her presence or her origin in this physical earth
but a certainty that she resides in the glorious corner of my dream
As her eyes blazes through the darkness of the night
she drifts closer to me, lighting up my entire universe.

The moistness of a morning dew would describe her lips
Her smile sends a beam of positivity to my dark soul
The warm embrace of her body melts my heart like a candle
Her presence pierces my frail armour to enter into my soul

I want to be a prisoner hold up in this world forever
a long wait for hungry kisses to forge two hearts into one
If only the gods of this world would never object to my stay
I’ll completely surrender to be lost forever in her silent charm

I travel back, the path is broken and reality has found me
For I am now lost in this world but found in the another
I now wander carefree in this world for I drank your beauty
with a new wave of spiritual feeling taken over my soul

I shall travel again to new boundaries and an old forgotten space
where I surrendered my soul, hoping you would come with my heart
For there in the eternal space beyond the concepts of being right and wrong is a field
I shall wait for you there, holding my arms to welcome you with a promise to stay forever.

*The last two lines have been inspired by a quote from Rumi and this has been an Inspiration for this Post*.

About Ankit:

Ankit is a great guy i know from Twitter. He’s done a guest post for me earlier, and i am glad he is here again. He’s one of the genuine people I’ve come across in this lifetime, no kidding. You can get to his blog here.

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