March 27, 2013 § 17 Comments

The sudden weight as
you lean into me.

I feel the beating echo
of a heart, in your mouth.
Feels like a lost key.

But this is a rarer place. I
had forgotten this feeling.
My absorption of your slow,
cyclical, nameless grief. My
acceptance of it.
And the point where i am
no longer a stranger to myself,
no longer a stranger to you.

I engulf you in me. I hold you.
And i can’t remember a time
when i didn’t know you. It
feels like i’ve always been you,
and you’ve always been me.
Like a million rainbows super-
imposed over each other.

And afterwards, there are fewer
shadows in the late evening garden
and the air is softer. And we are
kind to each other.

I will forget again. I always do.
But you will come again, and i will
hold you again, and be glad to do it.


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