Guest Post : Garima Yadav.

March 10, 2013 § 2 Comments

Long Lost!

How does it matter

If I owe you anything

Or you owe me something

What matter is we owe the truth to our self!

No matter how hard you tried

No matter how hard I relied

What lies before us is a vast field of ignorance and distant looks in our eyes tell us it doesn’t matter anymore.

It doesn’t matter what I, you and we wanted

Non deliverance of the desired has set the ball rolling in an unknown zone

With losing you the fear is also gone

With nothing else to lose life is now a smooth game.

A game where result doesn’t score a score in my mind.


About Garima:

She is this feminist chick who talks sense. Perhaps the only feminist I know who talks sense. We did an Art of Living course together, and we’ve been inseparable! I remember this one time during the AOL activities when she got all overwhelmed looking into my eyes, and actually cried. Had she been a guy, I’d have kissed her. Then and there!!

She doesn’t have a blog, though I’d very much want her to have one!


P.S. Look at that smile and those eyes man!


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§ 2 Responses to Guest Post : Garima Yadav.

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