Guest Post : Aakanksha.

March 10, 2013 § 2 Comments

I am Happy.

“Look out and see the stars again
they’ve been waiting
Waiting ever since you left…”

I saw him walking away… Away in a direction that was unknown to me. A direction, which he wanted to take without me. No I didn’t stop him. For what I know, one should never hold a person. If they are meant to be yours, they will stay. They will come back… I might not be happy with his choice of road, but hoping that his choice at least makes him happy; makes me smile.
And if smiling makes it to happiness, I’m happy with my break up =)

Happy to see him walk away to new hopes, dreams and a new Life without me. I am sure someday he will stop and look back at me. And maybe I’ll wave back at him, still waiting for him where he left me!

If you might happen to read this, remember I’m always praying for your happiness J
And I’m happy! =)


About Aakanksha:

She is a wonderful girl i know from Twitter. She is a sweetheart, literally, and is an innocent kid at heart! Never ever will you see her faking it. You MUST follow here blog here!

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