Guest Post : Rameet Kaur.

March 1, 2013 § 2 Comments

You Know What!

Many a times we pick up
Those shattered pieces of our heart
Smile to ourselves and move on.

Hold those tears from flowing
Not letting their flow to weaken us
Not letting those loved ones to know
Who would be disheartened to see those drops coming out
For their sake we smile.

But at times we can’t help it
We look back at that time flown by
And question why couldn’t it be simple
Doubt ourselves only for letting our heart torn like that
And we smile at our own foolishness.

We live in past, we live in dreams of future
knowing it’s not right, we choose to ignore present
Present, which can let us smile at our past, at our pains too
The only way out seems to be to let go
And smile, for only smile would let us sail through!


About Rameet:

So this lady was my boss at one of the internships I did. 2009 that was. And she has been one of the sweetest persons I’ve come across. I remember she always covered up for me, and still does when my mother is around us. Really chilled out and crazy-shit-mad!

She doesn’t write much and has written this one for my blog. See, she’s a sweetheart?

Boss, you’re loved! Just so you know. 🙂

Keep that smile. Always. Suits you a lot!



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§ 2 Responses to Guest Post : Rameet Kaur.

  • Mental health experts say it is bad to hold it in. They say freedom can come in some degree by venting and a good cry is OK. But one may not be interested in this share and weep liberation(alleged). I am not interested in “going public” with some matters and hold my secrets( things of no real significance really) but as the poem suggests, letting go is an alternative to “hold those tears from falling”. Letting go is the solution , so simple, but so difficult to do. The 12 steps advocate sharing the woes with God and just one trusted person which is as private as one can get and this allegedly gives a degree of relief but it did not do so for me. The poem is really a profound treatise of dealing with these emotions or at least identifying them in so few words.

  • Ben Naga says:

    Wishing you more smiles for your future, Rameet.

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