Hey there.

February 23, 2013 § 19 Comments

Hey there darling
with the bruised heart
you’ve gotten your history
tattooed on the soles
of your feet.

You know I’ve been
in those shoes too.
I’ve seen the holes through
which dirt squeezed into me.
Yes, I have.

It’s a part of journey
and you won’t let me in.
My knees are bloody
after all the crawling I’ve
done to be by your side.

Yet, your mask hasn’t
been displaced. I mean I
see what you show me
but you know I’m ravenous.
For you. Isn’t it evident?

Phases of grief that scare
my heart’s depths fail to
reveal the depth of your
misery. I don’t blame you.
I have trust issues, too.

But baby, you’ve got to
feel to heal, they say.
It’s difficult to break your
caramel shell because the
walls have thinned out.
You may taste sweet
but you’ve been broken
more than once. Yes,
I can sense it.

I’m here
I’m listening
And I won’t leave.

Hey there darling
with the bruised heart.
Are you listening?


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