Guest Post : Ashu.

February 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

Strange Person Stranger Relationship

The same bus stop every day, The same station every hour,
She didn’t know if she was being followed or it was normalcy,
A bit of fear, A bit of insecurity,
She just wanted to know the secrecy..

That sweet smile she liked, A bit of whine though it added,

That strangeness personified though, Negative thoughts abided,
Still wanting it to happen and it should not stop,
Because it had become a routine and not a seasonal crop..

A way to her home, A way through his clone someone was reminded,

It wasn’t him she knew though a support was he, founded,
What was to come in the near future, she never had an idea,
She was still weaving an imaginative world, like a normal girl..

The last day it was, they both didn’t have an idea,

Everything went the way it used to be,
For as he crossed to reach her side, the train blasted, the bus collided,
That was the last day when she saw a stranger so beautiful again..
~Ashu aka God’s best messenger.

About Ashu:

So i know him via twitter, too. He read some of the guest posts here and volunteered to do a post for me. Nothing less than an honour, trust me. Because the guy is fluent with words. He writes a simple line, and it’s poetry. Yes, he is that good! You can, and you must follow his blog here. Thank me later. 🙂

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