Guest Post : Rajeev.

February 17, 2013 § 12 Comments

Columna Cerului.

Zachariah yawned and lazily picked up the fallen apple. He turned it around to see the tiny little bite taken by Eve when she had seen this fruit. He mused at how such a simple little action has now set the course of the cosmos and of their very nature.

“What are you smirking about?” Castiel asked, a little grumblingly. Zachariah resisted a snort of derision towards the perpetually dour angel who looks strikingly in contrast to himself. Where Zach was simply lounging by the tree where the apple had fallen, Castiel was standing all back straight eyes alert legs apart at shoulder length as if he is posing for another of Joshua’s indulgences of painting a portrait on the next nebula he discovers. Of course, Castiel indulged in it for his own narcissism but who’s to blame him? After all, a few nice portraits of oneself to look around in an otherwise vast and almost endless universe is hardly asking too much. Especially when the centre of it all is nothing more than a rotting throbbing writhing orb of depravity and inequity and yet it was where they drew their power from. After all, the more miserable and helpless the humans become, the more their potency in praying and remembering the heaven.

“I was wondering about the logistics of the Apocalypse. Especially now that the uber genius so-called “Mayans” have guessed our schedules, that too with scraping on the rock tablets.” Zachariah knew that giving short answers is the way to keep Castiel placated and yet he could not resist adding his own dash of humor into it. After all, he was no less than Castiel in the rank in Host of heaven, especially since he was far better than Castiel, what with his six wings and four faces, one of them of a lion, which he was more than happy to lend to that gorgeous writer of amusing fiction about that boy who “lived” for one of her stories. He must visit her some time again and see if she could amuse him with a story and a “happy ending”.

“It doesn’t matter. What matters is the perfect execution that doesn’t seem to shock but rather allow for a facilitated initiation into the Paradise. Long has this planet been allowed to fester like the purgatory and it is time we clean our act up and begin the next phase.”  Castiel replied with his new-found penchant for both arcane language as well as the crisp technical jargon that he now often heard whenever he walked the ground. The other angelic beings sniggered behind his back because despite visiting regularly, he still often misuses some of the words in wrong context, often creating humorous situations unintentionally.

“The next phase? Boy, I can’t wait to see how that goes! Sure, we’ve watched over them for millennia and they’ve never proved us wrong when we prophesied their descent into idiocy. Especially proven by that one particular form of art that they call the ‘movies’, which by the way, so unoriginal, don’t you think? I mean come on, so your pictures move so you just up and call them movies? What are you like twelve? At least the ancient Greeks were smart enough to try and come up with proper words to define their new quirks. That democracy one, oh man still cracks me up! I mean the whole ‘we’re free to do as we please as long as we remain bound to each other”…*chuckles* come on! How much more paradoxical can you make it man? And yet they go on and on trying to make it work, ending up frustrated when others don’t cooperate and now you know what they do? They do this thing they call ‘tweet’ about it! I don’t even know how they came up with that! Nothing goes tweet! Not even Uriel could’ve thought of that particularly weird sound during one of his jokes! These humans are so friggin weird.”

“Be that as it may, they are valuable in the long run to help us steer the course of time and eternity. Without them, we would have no visible markers over this endless fabric of cosmos. Although, I do see your point, if you were trying to make any. These humans, I hope they’ll behave in a more disciplined manner, of self-assigned grace like us when we are done with the protocol.”

“Hey man look, I had to ask by the way? What exactly IS going to happen after the protocol?” Zach enquired, earning a scathing stare by Castiel.

“Did you bunk the orientation again to go visit your amusements on Earth?”

“Umm yeah, sorry about that…I was just too bored and you know how I am!”

“You’re reckless and selfish and you see nothing beyond the next laugh. It is high time you curb your inequities and fall in line.”

“Yeah sure, whatever”

“The protocol requires you to take this seriously. When we’re done, the collective consciousness of the humans will be downloaded into the structure of our dimension of heaven. From here they will draw and operate far more specific and autonomous accounts of being with us keeping a closer watch and hence providing a more idealized and morally, socially and cosmically correct form of existence.”

“Got you! Loud and clear. I’ve noted it down, I’ll memorize it and…”

“You do not need to convince me. Just know you have to act the way you’re asked to when the time comes. Spare me your lip service.”

“Right.” Castiel took off from the plane, intentionally creating a loud hustle of leaves and dust to prove his seriousness which was lost on Zach who lounged back and waited, bouncing the apple in his hand and resuming his musings of the so-called fate and eternity.

~ Rajeev.

About Rajeev:

He is an amazing guy i know from twitter. Ran into one of his posts, and before i knew it, i became a fan of his works. His poetry makes my heart bleed, his prose gives me goosebumps. You can follow his blog here. And i insist, you MUST follow!

P.S. Just so you know Rajeev, you are one of the best I’ve known so far. I admit it. 🙂


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