Guest Post : Shiuli Dutta.

February 16, 2013 § 13 Comments

Oh the Bad Boys!

Oh my love, come dip your feet in my pristine stillness,

Experience my perfidy as I lure you into a raging trap,

Beyond the stillness of my surface & the darkness of the night,

Beyond the black water that stares back at you with its poker eyes,

Come be my guest as I ride your insecurity tonight.

They call me names; I’m the bad guy they say,

I lure you into my cocoon with dreams of a thrill,

I beckon you to swim in my lying placidity,

I feed on your insecurity; I make it my weapon,

I’m the rough wind that messes your hair.

My sinful intensity will burn your terrified heart,

I will devour your innocence and rage battles with your pride,

I will play strip poker with your morals while kissing you tonight,

I will cloak you in my love and then throw you out in the night,

It’s the lust you’ll clutch like sheets while you come.

Like burning embers, my heart will burn its darkness too,

That night, I’ll waltz with your heart while my ego turns green,

Like a snake, my coldness will shed its skin too,

That night, you’ll love the man behind this mask,

Now sleep while I sing you lullabies of these promises.

Sleep, while my mind drugs your dreams with wickedness,

Sleep, while my smile plays its intense tune on my lips,

Sleep, while my tender kisses caress your fear,

Sleep, my little one, dream a little dream of me.

~Shiuli Dutta.

About Shiuli:

Okay her name means a night-flowering Jasmine, in Bengali. She writes intense stuff. I know her, via Twitter. If you like what i write, you’d love her. Go show her some love here!


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§ 13 Responses to Guest Post : Shiuli Dutta.

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