November 21, 2012 § 49 Comments

So well I turn twenty four fucking years old today. Its a strange weird feeling that I have, considering the fact that I had actually been feeling dry about the whole birthday thing this time around.

I’ve always been thus social chick who knows everyone and who gels well with everyone. Except the wannabes, ofcourse. And I was once known for all the big birthday parties where everyone who meant something was invited. People from diverse backgrounds came and became comfortable with each other in a few hours. Don’t get me wrong. I am no socialite. I am just, well, normal!

This year something changed. I feel wise and I suddenly don’t want to hang around with people who mean something only momentarily. I’d rather be with people who’ve seen me through thick and thin and who know me, who’ve heard all my stories, who can tell when I’m not okay just when they hear me say “Hello” on the phone, who I know love me no matter what.

This birthday and this year ahead is for them.

I, still feel weird. Twenty four, really??


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