Dream- II.

October 7, 2012 § 26 Comments

I. He says that every relationship
has a time limit. They die, after
a point. So i read the calendars
drawn on his palms and notice
the stamps painted on his heart.

II. I sit and wonder how long will it
be till we die off too. How many
more long nights, and secrets, and
kisses and i-love-you’s?

III. I wonder and feel the agony rising
inside of me. I run.
I run through the forests unafraid.
I run on the darkened streets where
my friends try and stop me.
I run through the meadows and
step on flowers.

IV. I run, holding his hand and miss
all the people waiting for me.

V. And now it’s midnight. And cold.
I hear someone playing the cello.
She calls out his name. I try to stop him
but he follows her voice. He walks
away, to her.

VI. I fall. There is no one to catch me.

VII. I wake up from my sleep and
check. He really, is gone.





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§ 26 Responses to Dream- II.

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