August 31, 2012 § 53 Comments

Climbing walls with me in tow
If i fall, will you let go?
Walk your tightrope- i will too
When i trip what’d you do?





August 28, 2012 § 46 Comments



I feel the wings growing
on my back. I want to
fly. Fly away from
here.That thing up there
calls me. It tells me to
soar high. Away.

Down here i wear two masks.
One of love, coloured stripes.
The mask that makes me
fall in love with you each
time you smile. That makes
me feel complete when you’re
around. The other mask: grey.
My grey wings in a grey
sky. The nothingness. And
the dispassion. That pulls
me away from you, and
what we have together.

I stand at the mountain
top, thinking it’s just time.
Time to say good-bye and
fly away. To nowhere and
everywhere. To grey skies.

But then i look at you
and the love in your
eyes. You call out my name
in that voice that melts
my heart away.
‘Love’, you say, ‘come here.’
I curl up my wings and
sit on the ground, weeping.
How could i think there
was a place away from here?
From you?
You are where i belong,
where i want to be. I crawl
back, into those arms
that only want to hold me.

‘Love isn’t a cage or a
leash or a chain. It is, perhaps,
a flexible cord. Trust it, nurture
it, and don’t pull away. It will
help us both fly. Separately, yet
deeply connected.’, you tell
me. With love in those
eyes, that makes me skip
a heartbeat.

And i realise this is home.






Zen- IV.

August 26, 2012 § 35 Comments

When you say, “it is a beautiful rose”, you are classifying it. And no rose can be classified because all roses are so unique and so individual that classification is just not possible. Don’t give it a class, don’t pigeonhole it, don’t put it in a box. Enjoy its beauty, enjoy its color, enjoy its dance. Just be there. Don’t say anything. Watch. Be in mo chao, a silent, serene reflection. Just reflect. Let the rose flower reflect in you; you be a mirror.



August 26, 2012 § 44 Comments

I’ve felt the mist
after the shower’s lifted.
I’ve seen the world
from a foggy perception.
But i just want to see you
for who you are.
Not for who you want
me to see you as.
Irrespective of the time
it takes to clear the glass.


August 20, 2012 § 35 Comments

Standing on the line that
divides my heart and my head
Numbed by doubt and anxiety
after nights of mind-fucking
Relieved to not feel the pain,
the cold
Longing to be released from
this utter sadness
Caught in a storm of thoughts
that lead me nowhere
Drowning in self-doubt
and confusion every night
And yet not drowning, so there
is scope to be inflicted again
The dreams become awful,
the shadows haunt me
I only feel myself sinking in
depths as i write this.




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