July 16, 2012 § 41 Comments

So this, is my 100th post on this blog. Woah, i still cant believe i have managed to post so much in less than a year!

I seriously didn’t know what should i write in the 100th, so i thought i’d just thank all the special people in life!

I cant do the cliché i want to thank my family thing. No thankyouverrymuch! I mean i love em and all, but not here! 😛

But there is one person i would want to thank, that’d be my brother. I look up to him in almost every respect, though i hate to admit it. He does read my poetry sometimes, and NEVER asks why’d i write it. Thank you bro, you mean the world to me! 🙂 And you know it!!

And well, among the regular friends i have, i must thank
Nitin, for being an asshole
DJ for all the motherly concern
Akshi for understanding without me having to say it
Nikhil for never reading my blog 😛
Neha for all the mindfucking
Sanjoli for not letting the bitch in me die
Kiki for being a good daughter 😀
Rameet for just being there
Abhishek for hating my blog
Gaurav & Gunjan for being awesome buddies
Irfan for bearing with me
Anjali, Mastak, Prachi, Shreya and Riddhi for not changing; despite the distances
Vaibhav for always reading it and telling me nice things that he doesn’t always mean
Vipul for being the reason i have a blog. 🙂

Thank you guys. Each one of you means a lot to me!!

And among the virtual friends i have, i want to thank everyone who’s connected for being a constant inspiration. I read the comments you write and they lift me up when i am down, or elate me when i am happy.
If it weren’t for you people, i would not have known me. Thank you. For everything!

As Robert Frost said:
“Being a poet is a condition, and not a profession”;
i guess i’ll continue with this bit. For a while, certainly!


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