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July 26, 2012 § 7 Comments

Guest post at Boomie’s blog! 😀

Boomie Bol

I AM by Archana K

I am the algebra, the meaningless numbers you cannot define.
I am the pain at the loss of something you wanted badly.
I am the brain chemicals which make you panic and act stupid.
I am the serial killer, the stranger in the dark.
I am the calculation, the girl who knows how to set things right.
I am the joy of reaching a farfetched destination.
I am the much-needed sanity on those long-nights.
I am the daughter, sister, friend and lover. I provide meaning.
I am naive and inquisitive.
I am limitless and I have my boundaries.
I know it all, and I am still learning.
I am the one who is suicidal
and i am the one still alive.

The poem says it all about me 🙂
But there’s always much more to a person, right?
A Chartered Accountant by profession and…

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July 26, 2012 § 27 Comments

He asked her what was bothering her
so much that she stopped looking
into his eyes while talking
and kept all her
words and muses
to her

didn’t know
how to tell
him about the fact
that she won’t live long
enough and that the cancer is going
to kill her sooner than she expected.

Current State of Mind.

July 23, 2012 § 38 Comments

Lulling it over
Obssessing over it
Cant get it out of my head
Unable to rest
I wonder,
What is it that i am after?

Untitled- V.

July 21, 2012 § 25 Comments

Huddled around the tiny fire
of my longing
Always wanting to be somewhere
i am not
Loving with an incomprehensible
Falling in love at the drop
of a hat
Altering each poem a
hundred times
Carefully scanning my life
and the people
Making promises i do not
want to keep
Meeting people just to escape
from myself
Observing everyone and
being observed
Ushering my dreams out of the
window for a while.

I meet you a some festival.
You. With the same dreams,
longings and love.
We either recoil. Or fall in love.
Or both.

We e mail each other. And
one day you stop replying.
Maybe because i have no money
or i dont have a flat stomach
or you’re just bored.
I wouldn’t know.

Or maybe you’re throwing
your dreams out of the
window, too.

On Infidelity.

July 18, 2012 § 20 Comments

Most affairs begin when a husband or wife makes a new friend, and an apparently harmless intimacy is born. You dont sense the danger as it’s happening, because whats wrong with friendship? Why can’t we have friends of the opposite sex- or of the same sex, for that matter- even if we are married?

There is nothing wrong with a married person launching a friendship outside of matrimony- so long as the  walls and windows of the relationship remain in the correct places. Every healthy marriage is comprised of walls and windows. The windows are the aspects of your relationship that are open to the world- that is, the necessary gaps through which you interact with family and friends; the walls are the barriers of trust behind which you guard the most intimate secrets of your marriage.

What often happens, though, during so-called harmless friendships, is that you begin sharing intimacies with your new friend that belong hidden within your marriage. You reveal secrets about yourself- your deepest yearnings and frustrations- and it feels good to be so exposed. You throw open a window where there really out to be a solid, weight-bearing wall, and soon you find yourself spilling your secret heart with this new person. Not wanting your spouse to feel jealous, you keep the details of your new friendship hidden. In doing so, you have now created a problem: You have just built a wall between you and your spouse where there really ought to be free circulation of air and light. The entire architecture of your matrimonial intimacy has therefore been rearranged. Every old wall is now a giant picture window; every old window is now boarded up like a crack house. You have just established the perfect blueprint without even noticing.

So by the time your new friend comes to your office one day in tears over some piece of bad news, and you wrap arms around each other, and then your lips brush and you realize in a dizzying rush that you ‘love’ this person- that you have always loved this person!- its too late. Because now the fuse has been lit.

~Dr. Shirley P. Glass

On marriage.

July 18, 2012 § 22 Comments

It is astonishing that, under the circumstances, marriage is still
legally allowed. If nearly half of anything else ended so
disastrously, the government would surely ban it immediately.
If half the tacos served in restaurants caused dysentery, if half the
people learning karate broke their palms, if only six percent of
people who went on roller coaster rides damaged their middle ears, the
public would be clamoring for action. Yet the most intimate of
disasters..happens over and over again.

~Lionel Tiger.


July 16, 2012 § 41 Comments

So this, is my 100th post on this blog. Woah, i still cant believe i have managed to post so much in less than a year!

I seriously didn’t know what should i write in the 100th, so i thought i’d just thank all the special people in life!

I cant do the cliché i want to thank my family thing. No thankyouverrymuch! I mean i love em and all, but not here! 😛

But there is one person i would want to thank, that’d be my brother. I look up to him in almost every respect, though i hate to admit it. He does read my poetry sometimes, and NEVER asks why’d i write it. Thank you bro, you mean the world to me! 🙂 And you know it!!

And well, among the regular friends i have, i must thank
Nitin, for being an asshole
DJ for all the motherly concern
Akshi for understanding without me having to say it
Nikhil for never reading my blog 😛
Neha for all the mindfucking
Sanjoli for not letting the bitch in me die
Kiki for being a good daughter 😀
Rameet for just being there
Abhishek for hating my blog
Gaurav & Gunjan for being awesome buddies
Irfan for bearing with me
Anjali, Mastak, Prachi, Shreya and Riddhi for not changing; despite the distances
Vaibhav for always reading it and telling me nice things that he doesn’t always mean
Vipul for being the reason i have a blog. 🙂

Thank you guys. Each one of you means a lot to me!!

And among the virtual friends i have, i want to thank everyone who’s connected for being a constant inspiration. I read the comments you write and they lift me up when i am down, or elate me when i am happy.
If it weren’t for you people, i would not have known me. Thank you. For everything!

As Robert Frost said:
“Being a poet is a condition, and not a profession”;
i guess i’ll continue with this bit. For a while, certainly!

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