I see you.. In me!

June 4, 2012 § 19 Comments

Following is a poetic conversation i had with my blogger friend Prashant http://justspokenthoughts.wordpress.com/ on Twitter! It’s fun tweeting and we’re both crazy! Madness is what i seek, when i am talking to him!! 🙂

Archana: strangers passing in the street
by chance two separate glances meet
and i am you
and what i see is me.
Prashant: the glance is of a moment
in the orchestrated sway of minds
you take all of me away
and leave all of mine behind
Archana: and in that one moment
i think i’ve lived all my life
there is a momentary lapse of reason
and then everything seems right
Prashant: the lapses you talk of
are the bits of the life we seek
momentary is the self we live as
cherish the uncertain as we speak
Archana: do we know what’re we seeking
or is it uncertain too
so many thoughts in my head
i wonder what to do
Prashant: u spoke of being in awe
as you chase a perfect life
believe in the madness of love
best to be kissed when the time is right
Archana: chasing life isnt my thing
i think its just a fuss
thats what i’ve been looking for
love with all the madness
Prashant: the madness of love
is the subtle touch of life itself
for him to know how to hold you
you must know how to be held
Archana: that i’ve always known
even wrote a post on it you liked
but there arent many men out there
who can handle a woman equivalent to a pike
Prashant: to call ourselves “men”
we need to think beyond our testosterone
this “pike” isn’t to conquer
just be honest and she is won
Archana: now how many of those
would actually think like that
i am kinda jinxed that way
only the wrong ones i attract
Prashant: the madness in love
is a thing of sense and sensibility
jinxes may last a lifetime
but this madness lasts full eternity
Archana: its not like i’m not mad that way
you have to see me to judge
but all the men i meet
are either sissy or studs 😛
Prashant: the image we create
is to hide our fears within
whom am I to judge you
a woman strong, knowing love and worth believing
Archana: i know you wouldnt judge me
a man who knows love would not
i like our conversation quite a lot
this deserves a proper post 😀
Prashant: so being a gentleman
I am supposed to carry you from here
the verses you hymned today
simply make things better and clear
Archana: and i wouldnt mind that sir
you are Mr. Angle
you help me hunt for perspective lately
when i am kinda lost and dull
Prashant: you being in your spirits
makes my day here
if I don’t feel you smiling but dull
even the literary orgasm isn’t a pleasure
Archana: makes me wonder
where were you all these years
you make me laugh and chirp at times
drowning my worst fears 😀
Prashant: I’m not The One
I am certainly not The Best
I’m just a “Ghost” who talks well
appearing, when walk away the rest
Archana: a pearl wouldnt know
its own worth anytime
i appreciate the gesture
and i like the way we rhyme! 🙂


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