May 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

That’s AV for you.


The night is yet to ooze out in totality from the sands. Like a lover the cool hovers over the last shreds of hope, infesting as much air as its dissolving existence allows it to. The deadness has been  so rampant and so pristine that lone voices crumble before proving decisive. The Master is immobile. A Seeker breaks the membrane of silence. A painful crack emanates before it gets sucked up into silence again.

Seeker: Master, have I done enough?

Master: What do you see?

Seeker: The sands, the thorny shrubs, the starry sky. The settlements with goats and camels that blot the place with existence.

(The Master is immobile)

Seeker: And the thread of Emptiness that runs through it all. The true meaning of absence and Nothingness.

(The Master is immobile)

Seeker(perturbed): How things left to themselves and things with a hundred props are still the same. How suffering…

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