No expectations.

May 1, 2012 § 17 Comments

That strange empty feeling
when you’re lying in bed,
staring at the cieling, listening
to a Josh Ritter number.
Trying to find perspective in
darkness, meaning in nothing-
ness, and direction standing
at a dead end.
Not expecting, and not being
expected from.
Hollow and with a void, you
reflect on what life’s been
so far. On how much’ve
you changed, in the process
of resisting change.
The agony of being helpless,
the fear of the unknown,
the love that doesn’t die off.

Yet, no expectations.

There is another poem written by which he certainly did not want me to post here. But i am a bad girl, sailor boy!

So here it goes:

Today i’m stuck to my bed
with a fever, cough and cold,
covered in blankets
i feel weary and old.
The light seems too bright
and the voices seem louder,
they all crowd around and watch
and i just give em a cold shoulder.
They switch on the TV
and tell me to rest,
dont move, be still they say
i think that part’s the best.
No expectations
the silver lining,
and it all comes to me
including fine dining.


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