January 9, 2012 § 2 Comments

The immaculate smiles, cracking into laughter.
The neatly folded notes passed between the wooden desks.
The aroma of homemade pickle in a maths class.
The names engraved onto the tables linking up two ‘special’ people.
The meagre canteen allowance and the recess breaks that never ended.
In bed by 11, without checking who’s online, where.
The crisp white shirts, and the pleated skirts.
The inter school competitions, and the thrill of checking out guys/girls from another school.
The stay backs and the devout apologies for being late for the morning assembly.
And the candy-ed heartaches. That broke hearts, back then. Never literally though.

Enter: mind-games, facebook, hormones, the importance of ‘being-important’, egos; not necessarily in the same order.
We’re still the same. Just raped. Of the innocence.


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§ 2 Responses to Innocence.

  • My generation’s “innocence” – respect for people and reverence for institutions, a sense of right and wrong, manners, accepting responsibility, trying your best, looking out for each other……Today’s world thinks we were a bunch of saps but our innocence was the foundation of a society based on common decency. Today’s alternative disgusts me.

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