January 7, 2012 § 4 Comments

She opens her mouth to speak, but the words don’t come out
Her speech is faltering. And embarrased.
But she IS sincere!
First she has to tell you that there is a reason, a justification
That you always sought for but missed in her.
Sometimes she couldn’t explain, and sometimes you didn’t want to understand.
Second, a caution, a request.
Dontsayanythingyet, shewouldnotunderstand.
She doesn’t want an answer.
Answers corrupt, and sometimes hurt.
Her questions are beautiful enough to keep her enchanted.
She conjured a whispered affection, fondness in her shadows-
Spoken with dry lips, parched and devoid.
Her averted eyes and apparent hopes
Gleamed in her eyes that sometimes don’t shine.
In her mind you’re a destiny,
just not the one she took home but hoped sincerely!
She would never say it in words again
She cares too much to see you drown in this pit.
But she’s been telling you for a while
With the way she leans in the doorway
Always in the midst of lights and her gloom
Where her shadow meets yours, becoming one.


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