November 19, 2011 § 6 Comments

Love never dies a natural death.

Either you ignore it, and let it die.
Or you strangulate it, to get over it.

Love never dies a natural death.


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§ 6 Responses to Untitled.

  • I think this is very true. Oooops very true is a redundancy(either it’s true or not true but cannot be very true or more true).

  • Rameet Kaur says:

    Love never dies infact, you just put those feelings in a bag and hide it somewhere where you think even you won’t reach but sometimes they just come over again, like gold moves under the ground. You again try to run away or hide it somewhere, but its just endless, you are in a vicious circle. You wish to know the status of this gold, is it still shining or is it rusted, but you are so scared to look at it that finding the status is something far off to venture into. But still you are again placed in a situation where your mind goes 2 ways. One says, take a peek again, may be that will just mentally satisfy you, other one says, whats the use honey, just move on, no need to peek and go all over it again. Either ways it doesn’t go out of your head coz love never dies at all. Once its there, it always going to be there, pain you…pinch you.

  • Rameet Kaur says:

    Also Love never dies at all…and it may take another form!!! 🙂

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